Maybelline's Ulta Liner Review


For this liquid eyeliner review I have selected Maybelline's Ulta Liner. Ulta Liner is one of the few liquid eyeliners Maybelline New York carries. In my attempt to enhance my eyes and increase the staying power of my liner, I initially chose Maybelline's liquid liner for both the price and availability.

Maybelline's Liquid Eyeliner

Maybelline New York claims this liner is their ultra due to the following features:

The Ulta Liner is available in four colors and arrives in a small tube with the brush inserted into the cap. The four colors are basic smoky shades of black, brown, slate, and taupe - nothing too flashy. Maybelline products can be found at most online and neighborhood drugstores.

Liquid Eyeliner Review Summary


Although I had not used a liquid liner in years, my memories were of lots of smears and redos. After my first application of the Ultra Liner for this liquid eyeliner review I was genuinely impressed with the result. As long as I am careful and use a steady hand, Ultra Liner produces a clean thin line close to my eyelashes. I can then go for a thicker line in the evening by adding a second application. With a wet cotton swab, I can easily clean up the edges immediately after applying. Once it dries, you do need to use a makeup remover to erase any mistakes.

Lasting Power

As a waterproof liner, Ultra has incredible staying power. So, unless you rub your eyes frequently during the day, this eyeliner will look as good as new even after hours of wear. This ability to last is only enhanced by also using a little eye shadow to smoke out the liquid. Thus creating a more natural look and helping the liner to stay put.

Clean Up

Every liquid eyeliner review has to have at least one drawback and for this liner, it is the clean up. Like most eye makeup, especially waterproof, you will need specialized eye makeup remover to get the gunk off your lids. But, with Ultra, this is not enough. Use this makeup with caution if you have contacts or sensitive eyes. While cleaning up your makeup after a long day, instead of wiping off on the cotton ball, this liner flakes. Little flakes of dried liquid eyeliner fall into your lashes, on your facial skin, and yes, even into your eyes. I have never experienced any irritation, but it is a certain chore to be sure that all the flakes are adequately removed.


At less than $6, this long lasting eyeliner is a decent buy. I certainly have enjoyed its staying power and ease of application. But, I might need to keep shopping to see if I can find a liquid liner that will still meet these needs and not make the clean up such an eyesore.

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Maybelline's Ulta Liner Review