Lipstick Cases

Lipstick Cases

Lipstick cases can be everything from a handy addition to your makeup purse to a fun and creative stocking stuffer for someone else over the holiday season. Check out these different types of lipstick cases as well as a few of their uses and see if you still aren't convinced!

Why You Should Love Lipstick Cases

Lipstick cases are one of those silent heroes within the cosmetic accessory community. Not a lot of people have them, but those that do never leave home without one. You may find yourself in one of these similar circumstances on a regular basis, and by the end of reading this article; you too may be a lipstick case convert.

Are You A Purse Digger?

You know the type. They purchase smaller purses in hopes of keeping clutter down to a minimum, and then their bags still end up being an abyss of beauty products.

Have you ever found yourself digging around through all sorts of useless, albeit necessary, purse loot just trying to locate your lipstick? That slick little tube seems to get a thrill out of sliding around the base of your handbag, repeatedly dodging your grasp.

With a lipstick case, you can get a better grip on a prettier pout with your color right at hand. The case helps a lot of women to locate their gloss and shine right before that perfect kiss or memorable photo.

Avoid the Summer Mess

When you are traveling or maybe just lounging on the beach during the summer months, your makeup can really take the heat. Most lipsticks are not designed for brutal temperatures, and if you leave your favorite tube in the car or in your purse on a summer day, it is at risk for a meltdown.

Save your balm from the summer squish by using a lipstick case to keep it cooler and more protected from the elements. There is nothing worse than splurging on your favorite lip color only to have it become deformed and unrecognizable after only a few uses. Cases protect your cosmetic must-have from the seasons, plus keep it going stronger for longer.

Steal a Second Chance

Waiting for that special someone? Looking to make a great first impression? Most lipstick cases include a little mirror on the inside that will allow you to take one final peek at the condition of your lips before heading out for that night on the town or big time interview. With the lipstick case, you are discreetly cautious without looking vain; which is great for situations where you want to be considered more than someone who only cares about your looks. Ever wonder how that associate stays so busy, yet gorgeous? Chances are, they sneak a stare into that tiny mirror when everyone least expects it.

The Variants of the Lipstick Case


The Asian cultures have always had a fashionable flair that has caught on stateside, and lipstick cases are no exception. Many of the popular cases are embroidered with iridescent thread dancing out the designs of flowers, butterflies, and other symbols associated with Asian grace and elegance. These cases usually are bought on the cheap, being sold often at dollar stores and little junk jewelry boutiques. Mall kiosks and accessory stores are fun to peruse through anyway and a new case is the perfect excuse to go.

Dual Cases

Don't have room for two cases but carry around two kinds of lipstick on a regular basis? Many women can't settle for just one color, preferring to blend and mix for the perfectly flattering hue combination. The lipstick accessory market caught on and developed dual cases, smaller than two separate ones, but still able to hold two regular sized tubes of lip stain. Whether you prefer two lipsticks or a lip color and a gloss, the dual case is a useful option.

Engraved Cases

Perhaps you are a bride to be looking for a sweet gift for your attendants or maybe you are searching for a unique holiday stocking stuffer. No matter the situation, engraved cases are a functional gift with a fancy flair. As opposed to the usual fabric casing, the engraved cases arrive in silver, gold, and other precious metals. Jewel encrusted cases and those with fancy clasps are also available.

Whether you engrave a name, a meaningful phrase, or a special date, these cases are a creative alternative to the typical pen or jewelry gift.

Sealed With A Kiss

No matter what your desires, everyone needs a little boost of organization and beauty enhancement. Consider purchasing a lipstick case to add some fun and functionality to your collection of purse items.

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