Lip Gloss Squeeze Tube Containers

A tube of bold gloss is a beauty essential!

Lip gloss squeeze tube containers easily take the mess out of application. For generous color and intense shine that distributes evenly over lips, there's nothing better than this convenient, fuss-proof applicator.

Lip Gloss Packaging

There are many different types of lip glosses out there. Some are packaged in small pots. Others are filled into long, slim cylinders and contain a spongy wand applicator. Still others are filled into small compartments in makeup palettes and designed to be applied with a lip brush. Despite the variety available and the various benefits of each package, nothing trumps lip gloss squeeze tube containers for their practicality and ease of use.

The Benefits of Squeeze Tubes

It's probably not something you've thought much about unless you've experienced trouble applying your lip gloss with other types of applicators. Some women simply don't like the sponge applicators - many find them wasteful, others feel they don't pick up enough color and some just don't like the way it feels. Glosses packaged in pots that require finger application are just breeding grounds for germs. Even dipping a brush into it repeatedly can get tiresome!

However, squeeze tubes are a different animal altogether. The long tube comes to an end at the slanted tip, which is the perfect size and shape for placing directly on the lips. A gentle squeeze is all that's needed to release just the right amount of gloss, and it's easy to determine if you need just a little more.

You also waste nothing when you use a squeeze tube. While other applicators may result in excess gloss being soaked into the sponge or wiped off a lip brush after application, squeeze tubes deliver just what you need - nothing more, nothing less. Best of all, you're in control of just how much lip gloss is applied.

The Downside

If there's any downside to a squeeze tube, it's the relatively minor issue of sanitation. Of course, this is only minor if you're the only person using your gloss (as you should be); if you're sharing it with a gaggle of girlfriends or even just one friend, then you're approaching the danger zone. However, most of us know it's wise to keep gloss to ourselves. To keep the tip completely clean, simply wipe it down with a tissue after use.

Colors in Lip Gloss Squeeze Tube Containers

There's definitely no argument against this type of genius packaging. That's clearly evident given the sheer number of cosmetic companies that utilize it for their lip glosses. Let's take a peek at some of the more popular ones out there.

Lancome Juicy Tube

Most lip gloss aficionados are more than well aware of Lancome's Juicy Tubes. They're essentially the high-end lip glosses to turn to in a pinch. In every color of the rainbow, infused with intense shimmer, subtly flavored at times and occasionally introduced in seasonal collections, Juicy Tubes are versatile enough to flatter every skin tone. No matter what type of Juicy Tube it is, it's always packaged in a squeeze tube.

DuWop Venom Gloss

DuWop may be known specifically for its lip-plumping agents, but the brand's Venom Gloss does more than just impart fullness to the lips - it also offers intense color, in shades like hot pink, sheer red and shimmery champagne, and deep hydration with its potent jojoba, avocado and sunflower oil blend.

Of course, this is all made sweeter by its convenient squeeze tube packaging. This is especially beneficial to those who love the company's original Lip Venom but don't fancy carrying around a small vial of liquid in their bags. The gloss offers the same plumping benefits as the liquid and even a little color.

Philosophy Lip Shine

If you're not necessarily looking for color but want your lips to shine for miles, check out Philosophy's Lip Shines. They're available in many of the brand's signature scents (such as Mimosa, Raspberry Sorbet and Vanilla Birthday Cake) and offer a sheer, shimmery gleam. The slant tip ensures that the shimmer is dispersed evenly over the lips.

Where to Purchase

Lip gloss squeeze tubes containers are readily available just about anywhere you purchase makeup. Visit Sephora for an ample selection, and if you're sticking to a budget don't neglect your drugstore. Brands like Cover Girl and Rimmel carry glosses in this easy packaging.

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Lip Gloss Squeeze Tube Containers