Cover Girl Outlast Double Lip Shine Review

Perfect looking lips are around the corner!

We asked for a lip gloss review and Cover Girl delivered. The representatives from Cover Girl were generous enough to send our LoveToKnow Makeup testers some samples to preview. One of the products was their Outlast Double Lip Shine, a lip gloss designed to live on your lips all day long.

What Cover Girl Claims

Based on the company's advertising, their Outlast Double Lip Shine will last five times longer than any leading lip gloss product. Their lip color system offers a duo lip gloss, with one side the color and the other side the shine. They claim the color will last up to 10 hours, resistant to the oils in food and water. Each side includes a unique brush for easy clean application. It is available in twenty different colors.

Actual Lip Gloss Review

lip gloss review

Okay… that is what the company "says," now for reality. We were particularly excited to try this product as curiosity had exploded over the long lasting lip gloss concept. Certainly all day lipstick had already been discovered, with mixed results, so how would the all day lip gloss review pan out?


Believe it or not, it actually took us a couple of days and tries to figure out the best system of application. There is definitely a trick to it. If you put on too much, the product literally sits on top of your lips and looks like a layer of paint rather than lip color. Not particularly attractive! In turn, if you put on too little, as it is a lip gloss and not a lipstick, the color is so faded - you can barely see it. Finding just the right amount was critical to the success of the product's results.

The other key factor in application was the condition of your lip surface before applying. If the lips were dry and cracked this product basically was a disaster. Placing the Cover Girl Outlast Double Lip Shine on dry lips would cause the color to settle into the cracks and cake elsewhere. It did help to prep the lips with moisturizing Lip Balm and exfoliate slightly with a toothbrush.


The instructions on the packaging explained to wait a couple minutes after applying the color before pressing your lips together. This was crucial! In the few cases we did not follow this instruction, boy what a mess. If the lip gloss color was disrupted before it set, it would create an unsightly crease of color. Then, due to the nature of the oil and water resistance of the product base, removing it after such a mistake was pure torture. It took a thorough scrubbing with makeup remover to get it all off. You also have to wait these few minutes before applying the shine portion of the product. Otherwise the shine simply wipes off the color.


As a lip gloss, the colors are subtle - far lighter on your lips than in the bottle. So, feel free to select a more vibrant shade than you are used to, as it will not look too dark on your lips. Plus, after wearing it for awhile, the color may still be there, but it definitely fades.

Long Lasting?

This claim is a bit subjective. We found that to make the color look pleasant in the beginning, when it is first applied, you need a light hand. But, this subdued color eventually fades throughout the ten hours to almost nothing. If you start off stronger, the color pops unnaturally from your lips, but does last longer throughout the day. Ultimately, our recommendation is to throw out the hope that this product will wear without touchups all day. Instead, it functions nicely as a lip gloss to outlast most other lip glosses - given most lip glosses last about ten minutes!

Outlast Double Lip Shine Conclusion

As a summary to our lip gloss review, Outlast Double Lip Shine can offer a base color with an extra shine boost. It would be ideal for a younger customer who wants a subtle color with some extra shine. For the best results, start with a small amount and reapply a few times throughout the day. This will provide you more lasting color than a typical lip gloss and still maintain an attractive lip color appearance.

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Cover Girl Outlast Double Lip Shine Review