Lip Color That Goes with Smoky Eyes

Subtle Shades

You've masted the sexy eyes you want, now it's time to figure out which lip color goes with smoky eyes!

The smoky eye look is popular, and with good reason. This sultry, dramatic look really makes the eyes stand out and is a perfect look for evening.

While you can wear a variety of lip colors with a smoky eye look, the trick is not to compete with the eyes.

A pale, light, or subtle lip color will complete your look beautifully without distracting from those gorgeous eyes!

Nude Glossy Lips

If you're opting for a smoky eye, a perfect way to finish off your lips is just by leaving them nude and applying a clear gloss over bare lips.

The result is fresh and beautiful.

This works especially well for smoky eye looks that use a lot of color, since the clear gloss adds polish but won't compete with the eye shadow color.

Pale Pink Lip Color

A pale pink shade adds a splash of sweet color to lips that balances a smoky eye perfectly.

A touch of pink color works especially well with pale grey smoky eye makeup.

Flesh Lip Color With Smoky Eyes

A flesh-tone lip color makes a dramatic smoky eye even more dramatic because the lips blend into the face and the focus is entirely on the eyes.

To get this look, use a matte lipstick that is very close in color to your skin tone. You can also get a similar effect by lightly patting foundation on your lips. Use a matte lip balm over the foundation to keep lips from drying out.

Light Red Lipstick, Smoky Eyes

While normally red would not be a color experts would advocate to pair with a smoky eye look, it can be done.

The trick is to choose a light red that works well with your natural coloring.

A light red lip can also help balance an extremely dramatic or very dark smoky eye.

Pale Peach Lip Color

A pale peach looks gorgeous with smoky eyes, especially for women with warm skin tones.

Try a peach colored lip gloss for a soft, subtle lip look with smoky eyes.

Plum Lipstick

A light plum lipstick is another lip color that goes with smoky eyes.

Again, opt for a light to medium plum rather than a deep, dark shade to keep the look from being overdone.

Medium Pink Lipstick

If you love a pink lip, you can also pair this lipstick with a smoky eye.

A medium pink offers a strong, but not overpowering, lip color to go with strong eyes.

Choose a pink shade that is about two shades darker than your natural lip color.

Do you need more lip color inspiration? Check out the Lips in Lipstick slideshow!

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Lip Color That Goes with Smoky Eyes