Lighted Makeup Mirror Style Options

lighted makeup mirror

From perfect makeup application to finding those stray eyebrow hairs, lighted makeup mirrors are invaluable tools for women. When you are shopping for this important beauty tool, there are several aspects you'll want to consider, including the level of magnification, type of lighting, and the style of mirror.

Lighted Makeup Mirror Options

Beauty experts suggest that the best lighting for makeup application is natural sunlight. Since this is impractical for some women, many lighted cosmetic mirrors offer lighting that mimics natural daylight. Some mirrors offer both day and evening settings. If you are willing to spend a few extra dollars, you can even find those that offer office and home settings.

There are several types of lighting typically found on makeup mirrors. The lights may be located along the side, appropriately referred to as side-lighting, or as a central light source, known as spot-lighting. The lights may also be located around the rim or edge of the mirror, referred to surround, diffuse, or halo lighting.


Cosmetic mirrors usually have two sides, with a swivel hinge to change between the two mirrors with ease. One side is a standard mirror, while the other side offers a higher level of magnification. The mirror may or may not have panels that open like an armoire for more viewing space, and close for easy storage. Magnification levels vary from 3x to 10x, with the average being 4x to 5x. The combination of lighting and magnification allows closer viewing of the face so you can be confident your appearance is impeccable.

  • Conair's Double-Sided Lighted Mirror rotates 360 degrees and has an elegant chrome polish finish. Besides this mirror, Conair has dozens of others too. Reviewers that purchased this item on give mixed reviews on the light brightness but all love the flexibility of the mirror and the strong magnification.
  • The Tweezerman Lighted Mirror has the magnification solution for guys who don't want to sit a "ladies' mirror." The Tweezerman Lighted Mirror has a 10x magnification and adheres to most surfaces with a suction cup. Reviewers remarked that this mirror was ideal for travel and using to put in contact lenses. There's no direct buying source for this product but you can find it at Reviewers on Amazon were divided in their opinions, some like it, others complained that the suction cup didn't work properly.

Wall-Mounted and Vanity Mirrors

While free-standing lighted makeup mirrors are widely available, wall mounted varieties are another option. Two sided mirrors are available to mount to walls using arms to extend them out and flip the mirrors easily. For large, mounted vanity mirrors side-lighting or surround lighting is recommended. Having only lighting above a vanity mirror doesn't allow sufficient light and may create shadows that affect your makeup application.

  • Zadro's Dimmable Sunlight Wall Mirror is a wall accessory that is supposed to mimic natural sunlight, giving the user the best possible illumination. Users were impressed with the brightness of the light but less impressed with the plastic housing. Reviewers on Overstock loved this product giving it a near perfect five-star rating.
  • The Twin Slim 2500K by Edge Lighting is a rectangular mirror with slender, inset side lights. There no reviews available for this new product.

Lighted Travel Mirrors

For busy women on the go, smaller travel-size lighted mirrors are also available. Most are compact and easy to fold; perfect for storing in a purse, overnight bag, or suitcase. Some have the handy feature of an automatic light shut-off when the mirror is closed.

  • Magellan's Travel Supply has a basic travel mirror with halo lighting and an easy to flip easel. This lightweight mirror is sturdy and all reviewers gave this travel accessory high marks.
  • The Zadro Next Generation LED Lighted Travel Mirror runs on AAA batteries and has a 10x magnification. Traveling reviewers at Amazon say they liked this travel mirror because it was so light they could pack more in their suitcase.

More Place to Shop

Lighted mirrors are available in a variety or price ranges to suit every woman's budget.

  • Family Dollar: Family Dollar stores offer their own, cheaper varieties of popular beauty supplies like mirrors, brushes and combs.
  • Big Lots: Big Lots buys large lots of products, like lighted mirrors, and sells them to customers at a low-cost. Shop Big Lots for makeup mirrors.
  • Sharper Image: This company focuses on electronic products that make life easier. They have a large health section that includes mirrors, massage chairs and air purifiers.
  • Target: Target has dozens of lighted mirrors giving you plenty of products to choose from. Their prices are reasonable and they do have a 30-day warranty with receipt.
  • Ulta: This online beauty store has an entire category dedicated to makeup mirrors in a variety of sizes and styles.

Warranties and Replacements

If you are considering a higher-priced lighted makeup mirror, you may want to look for a warranty or guarantee. Decent cosmetic mirrors usually offer a standard one-year guarantee from defects in materials or workmanship. In these cases, be sure to save your receipt. For a small additional fee from some retailers, you may be able to purchase a replacement plan for up to three years.

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Lighted Makeup Mirror Style Options