Leg Makeup

Create flawless legs with makeup.

To create the appearance of perfect and flawless legs, many women rely on cosmetic products such as leg makeup. Not much of a beauty secret in Hollywood, where makeup artists heavily apply leg makeup on actresses and actors to erase tattoos, minimize scars, conceal blemishes, and even the skin tone, leg makeup is so discreet it can be used to cover up minor or major imperfections with ease of use.

Covering Up with Leg Makeup

Not everyone was born with flawless skin. If you've ever caught sight of a pair of perfect legs, you may have noticed that the skin was completely even, free of unsightly marks, bruises and other scarring blemishes. Youth has much to do with flawless skin. As our bodies age, varicose and spider veins develop, stretch marks may appear, and age spots settle on the skin.

Healthy and spotless skin glows with nourishment while reflecting the light naturally, highlighting its beauty.

Creating the coveted appearance of youthful and beautiful air brushed skin on your own legs is possible with the help of a product such as leg makeup and a few of the special tricks known in the professional stage makeup industry.

For those special events in which you desire to ditch the pantyhose, leg makeup can work wonders. Follow these steps for the leg makeup application.

Applying Makeup on the Legs

Prior to the application of leg makeup, skin should be cleansed and exfoliated. Sloughing off the dead skin cells on your legs will help leg makeup adhere and conceal evenly.

When your legs have been prepped and ready for application, relax in a room with bright lighting and prepare your legs for makeup application. Dermablend's Leg and Body Cover is a popular cosmetic product created just for use on the body.

Keep in mind that most body makeup products are heavy and cakey, so take the time to blend the product into your skin thoroughly to avoid visible lines.

  • Apply: To start, work a manageable amount of makeup into the skin in a circular motion. Focus on the outer edges of the application and blend thoroughly. Reapply as needed.
  • Diffuse with powder: Once makeup is applied, diffuse and blend any remaining lines with a translucent loose powder and a brush to set the makeup.
  • Highlight: To highlight the legs and enhance their length, brush a shimmer powder straight down the front of the calves.

Types of Makeup

Leg makeup comes in many different formulas. There are creams, liquid and spray on varieties which specifically target the individual needs of body coverage. Spray on formulas are by far the easiest to apply, although they do carry a more transparent finish. Cake makeup takes extra application time and precise, careful blending, but the finished result is well worth the work, as this type of formula will last longer and provide a practically flawless result.

The following body makeup products are available in liquid, cake or spray on formulas:

  • Liquid: Liquid makeup may be a little messy, but the product is easy to control with the right tools. Make sure you stock up on foam sponges prior to applying a liquid makeup. Dispense the formula onto the sponge and apply directly on the skin in a circular manner. Check out Make Up Forever Face and Body Liquid Makeup, which offers a waterproof gel base to provide light coverage on the body.
  • Spray on: Spray on makeup is the fastest and easiest way to obtain full body coverage. Convienent to pack and to use, if you're ready to step out the door in a flash, a spray on formula may be the best product for body concealing. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs covers spots, hides unsightly veins and provides even coverage in an easy to apply, transfer resistant formula.

Covering Tattoos

Whether it's a job interview, a wedding, or just a bad mistake, many women and men find their tattoos need covering from time to time. Makeup works wonders on covering tattoos. Select the best shade for your skin tone and keep in mind that most tattoos have a heavy amount of black ink work to cover. Several applications may be needed to achieve desired coverage.

No matter the occasion, a concealing compact is a welcome addition in every makeup bag. With the right techniques and a little practice, the appearance of long and sexy legs are easy to create.


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