Laura Geller Blush Review

Summer is the time to flaunt golden skin!

After scanning the testimonials of Laura Geller's Blush and Brighten in Golden Apricot on Makeup Alley's famous rating site, I felt intrigued to give a Laura Geller blush review myself.

I'm always up for a blush challenge, and it had been a long time since I went for an apricot variety. Yes, I had other options. I have a drawer filled with powders, stains, and creams. I own the coveted Nars Orgasm blush; some would ask, what more could a girl want?

Well at this time, I wanted with great desperation to get my little hands on the Golden Apricot blush. I imagined myself fresh faced on our upcoming Western Caribbean cruise. As the sun gently bronzed my skin, Laura Geller's Blush and Brighten Golden Apricot would add that much needed punch of peach that would compliment my olive skin tone. Perfect for evening dinners and dancing, my husband would revel in my beauty, all while my little secret weapon remained unearthed in my ever expanding makeup bag.

Phone in hand I took the plunge, and anxiously awaited my Laura Geller package. Peachy keen dreams drifted in my head as I waited with great excitement to meet this infamous blush.

Love at First Sight

My package arrives. I was a little nervous checking out the box before me. There was no going back once I opened this package. Golden Apricot and I would be hit or miss.

Ahh…the box. Laura Geller has cute packaging. It reminds me of a quaint boutique cosmetic line, which in fact, it is. Laura Geller owns a New York makeup studio where she is famous with local brides and celebrities alike. The packaging impressed, as I pulled out the chunky black compact.

I pop open the lid. There, before my eyes, was a blush the vivid colors of an Arizona sunset.

With one swoop I swirl the blush and watch the coral, gold and peach tones as they shimmer together. This blush is already amazing. As I apply, I revel in the silky texture and the carefree application.

As the most wonderful shade of peach strokes my cheeks, my skin tone begins to warm, my cheeks glow, and my youthful coloring is restored. I look great! This blush has immediately become my new best friend. I take a few sneak peeks and admire my perfect application. Really, this stuff is foolproof. The swirled colors balance themselves which lends to natural blending.

Laura Geller Blush Review: Baked Beauty

Laura Geller cosmetics are handcrafted in Italy using the finest ingredients. All baked products start in a liquid form and are baked in individual terracotta pots in heated ovens. You'll find that all of Laura Geller's products are rich and emollient, leaving a soft and healthy sheen behind that send off sensual highlights in natural lighting. I love the craftsmanship, the process and the true pigment consistency, but the next challenge is, how long will this blush wear?

Still Glowing

Girls, this Laura Geller blush review is truly phenomenal. I'm often disappointed in powder blushes. They tend to brush on, soak in and disappear within hours, at least on my skin. My Golden Apricot has lasted all day with no need to reapply. I find myself glancing in the mirror throughout the day, only to be rewarded with a healthy and warm complexion that is unbelievably mine.

It's a Keeper

I can't imagine a skin tone that wouldn't be complimented by Golden Apricot . Fair skinned gals will glow beautifully, while dark skin or olive skin tones will find that this blush balances our deeper colorings with a punch of salmon sheen. Available at Sephora for a reasonable price of twenty eight dollars, I recommend this product without regard, and I'm sure I'll be checking out the other blends available in Laura Geller's baked blush line. Goodbye liquid stains and so long wimpy powders, I'm off to the vanity to apply this gorgeous glow!


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Laura Geller Blush Review