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Latina beauty is a unique and special look now being embraced by our media more than ever before.

Being Proud of Your Heritage

If you are a Latina or another nationality considered to be a minority, it may sometimes feel as if the beauty industry finds you to be invisible. Magazines and commercials continue to show skinny Caucasian women with blue eyes as the norm, and more recently they have turned to freckled redheads as an example of the typical American woman. However with such a strong Latin population inhabiting the 50 states, fashion is starting to at last recognize the unique look and allure found only in the Latina culture.

Standing strong in what they believe to be beautiful is what has caused the Latina community to win over the media slowly but surely. High profile stars such as Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, and Salma Hayek have also helped to garner attention for aspiring Latin American models and actresses all over the world.

The industry has become drawn to the strong confidence the Latin culture exudes when it comes to glamor and fashion, leaving us with a more comfortable melting pot of nationalities in our makeup ads and billboards.

The Challenges of Latina Beauty

One big challenge every Latina woman faces is finding the right makeup. Cosmetics shades sometimes lack in options for women with darker skin tones. The very features that should be played up to equal the ultimate beauty instead become a downfall for the average Latina consumer.

Luckily, makeup manufacturers are beginning to recognize this negative pattern and have begun to unveil new ethnic lines that are both reasonably priced and flattering to the Latina woman's stunning looks. If you cannot find cosmetics specific to Latina beauty in your local drugstore, there are plenty of mainstream shades and tools that can still be used. Many are not aware of just how easy it is to play up Latin looks with a few of the common essentials.

Since Latinas are blessed with a warm skin pigment, it is a great idea to contrast this with a cool tone on the lips. Try colors such as rosewood or an iridescent deep pink to bring out the pout of your lips. For the eyes, consider using a black eye pencil to give your brown gazers an appealing smoky look. A champagne, pink, or plum shadow can help to add accentuation to the lash line. Liquid eye liner and curling mascara can add to the dramatic look and will be sure to capture attention at any special party.

Since Latinas are already blessed with dark skin, be sure to wear a sunscreen to avoid a splotchy look during the Summer months. A self-tanner or a deep-toned concealer can help to even out your skin if the sun still pulls a fast one on your complexion.

Embracing the Latina Look

Latina beauty pageants have begun to crop up all over the country in a further effort to celebrate the look and cherished culture of Latina beauty. One of these is La Chica Lider, which takes place in the Southern United States. It is orchestrated in such a way to give young Latina women the recognition they deserve for playing a positive role in their local communities and setting a good example for younger admirers. Culturally based pageants are a great way to build the self-esteem of a Latina youth who is struggling with being a minority in their society. This is especially true in those states that tend to be literally black and white, leaving little room for inclusion and fellowship of those with rarely seen heritages.

Latina beauty magazines and television stations such as Univision have also helped to raise awareness and confidence in young Latinas who are looking to find their own path to success and accomplishment.

Latina Style Magazine has also recently launched a campaign to embrace not only beauty but brains as well among its readers. Recognizing the Latino culture's focus on family and community, this publication (as well as others) is promoting Latina beauty from the inside out. Instilling strong morals and respect for not only their own heritage but those around them as well is the first step in raising up a new generation of Latina women proud of who they are.

Latina beauty is coming full circle for many who have been waiting a long time for improvements from the media and fashion industry. Now is the time to get out there and embrace the features and gifts that genetics have given you. You just might make all of those red heads and blue-eyed blondes jealous!

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