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L'Oreal makes great makeup.

L'Oreal makeup was founded by French chemist- Eugene Schueller in 1909. The discovery of a new innovative hair dye, named "Auroele" launched the beginning of one of the most famous women's cosmetic firms in the world. Today, L'Oreal has over 18 global brands of makeup, skin/hair care, and hair coloring/styling products. An innovative, culturally sensitive company, they have over 3000 staff members and 14 research centers working worldwide to study skin and hair differences to design products to fit all specific needs.

L'Oreal has different company product lines that produce women's makeup. Listed below describes what they currently have available.

L'Oreal Makeup

Offering a multiple selection of foundation and makeup for all skin types, you can easily find something that fits your lifestyle.

L'Oreal Paris Foundation

Infallible- Never Fail Makeup

  • Made to last up to 16-hours, this makeup is made with a vitamin and mineral complex. This fully coverage makeup eliminates the need for a concealer, and has a strong oil absorber. Great L'Oreal makeup for an aging face.

Cashmere Perfect

  • This is a light makeup used for more of a natural look. It can last up to 12 hours. I have used this foundation personally and found it had a nice finish, but did not cover up any blemishes well. I still needed to use a concealer.

Ideal Balance

  • If you have combination skin, this may be the foundation for you. Designed to balance oil prone skin and hydrate dry areas. It is oil free, non-comedogenic and has a SPF of 10. This makeup covers well, but you still need pressed or loose powder to set it, otherwise your face will be very shiny.

True Match

  • A foundation that matches skin texture and tone for a natural look. It has medium coverage, but a concealer may be needed for those trouble spots. If you had flawless skin it would be a perfect natural makeup, since it blends so well. The greatest disadvantage is that it wears off too easily. It needs to be retouched a couple times a day to keep it fresh.

Visible Lift

  • Need extra coverage to hide aging stress and laugh lines? This foundation may be your cup of tea. Made with natural complexes to help smooth out lines. L'Oreal Makeup claims it may smooth out these flaws if used for at least a month.

L'Oreal Paris Eye Makeup

Double Extend Mascara

  • If you have lashes that need help, this mascara will lengthen and make your lashes appear fuller. It has a clear base coat on one side of the applicator that you put on first to extend the length of your lashes, then after setting, the mascara is applied.

Feather Lash

  • A lighter mascara for a more natural look. The thinner formula helps to prevent lash clumping.

Lash Architect

  • Dramatic mascara to wear when you're trying to create an impression. This mascara does it all, curls, thickens and makes your eyes look amazing. It is a little tough to remove though.

Maybelline New York

'Makeup History Fact:' Maybelline New York used to operate as a separate entity until 1996 when it merged with L'Oreal Makeup. Maybelline New York Website

Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

  • Mousse-like formula gives medium coverage with a matte finish. This makeup is okay except that it wears off pretty easily.

Ever Press Makeup

  • Stay put foundation lasts up to 8 hours. It's oil free and has an SPF of 14.

Express Makeup

  • Makeup in a stick form. You can use it as a foundation or touch up flaws. Result is a powdery finish.

Instant Age Rewind Foundation

  • Makeup with caffeine to help "wake up" your skin for a firmer and more youthful look. The formula also has an SPF of 18. Some may find it questionable to use caffeine in their makeup, as we already consume so much in our beverages already!!

Full N' Soft Mascara

  • Available in a washable or waterproof formula, designed not to clump and are contact lens safe and hypoallergenic.

Illegal Lengths

  • A rich conditioning mascara that lengthens, separates and doesn't smudge. It is available in a washable and waterproof formula. If you already have long lashes, using this mascara makes eyes really dramatic.


  • This mascara lasts up to 12 hours and resists smudging and smearing. It is also washable.

By Sheila Robinson.

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