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I'm a sucker for a great makeup kit, so it's no surprise that the Korres Natural Beauty Necessities collection caught my eye immediately!

About Korres

Few makeup companies have drawn me in as fast as Korres did. Though the company has been around for years, the makeup collection only became widely available within the past couple of years.

Similar to Korres skincare products, the makeup lineup is full of versatile, flattering shades and soothing, indulgent formulas. It's not common to find both of these qualities in a beauty line; in fact, it can often be frustrating dealing with a product that looks great but doesn't feel quite so good, and vice versa.

Korres, though, makes a point of formulating its products with only the best ingredients. All cosmetics are made without common irritants, such as parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, petro-chemicals, triclosans, GMOs and phthalates. The antioxidant-rich formulas are great for the skin - even the most sensitive types, like mine.

Inside the Korres Natural Beauty Necessities Kit

Beauty "necessities" aren't usually really necessary at all - all a woman really needs to look presentable is a touch of tinted moisturizer (in most cases) and a swipe of lip gloss and mascara. I'll go so far as to say that this kit really is full of necessities, though, thanks to a selection of universally flattering shades that look great on all skin tones. Inside the sleek package, you'll find:

  • Pro-vitamin B5 and Rice Brand Mascara in Black
  • Zea Mays Blush in Pink
  • Cherry Oil Full Color Lip Gloss in Nude and Light Purple
  • Eyeliner Pencil in Black and Brown

Creating the Perfect Face

If I could carry just a few essentials around with me daily, I'd choose these right now. They're all I need to create the perfect face with minimum effort. I do insist on never leaving the house without foundation (or tinted moisturizer on those far too few-and-far-between "good skin" days), but otherwise everything else I need is right here.

  • After applying my foundation or tinted moisturizer, I use a fluffy blush brush to lightly pick up some Pink Zea Mays Blush. With just a slightly luminescent finish, this blush instantly perks up even the most sallow complexion. Better yet, it's incredibly versatile: Wear it through fall and winter to brighten up tired skin, then use it to complement the cheerful tones of spring and summer. This blush is highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way. Expect this to last forever, even with regular use!
  • A touch of eyeliner beneath the lower lashes is a great way to call attention to dramatic eyes. Though I don't usually line the inner rim, doing so with this pencil will up the intensity and create a deep, rich look no matter which color you choose (I'm a brunette with dark brown eyes and usually opt for black). For an even stronger look, apply liner to the "v" of the eye and smudge the color along the lower lashes.
  • Then pump up the volume and apply the mascara, using two (or more, if you're a serious lash girl, like me) generous coats. It's literally all a woman could ask for in a mascara: non-clumping, non-flaking, non-irritating and long-lasting, plus it provides seriously dramatic lashes, to boot. You can't go wrong.
  • Take your pick from one of two great glosses; both are very natural and wearable. Nude leaves behind a subtle beige finish with a slightly pink undertone. It's perfect if you want to keep the focus off your lips. The light purple shade is slightly more pigmented, blending rich mauve with light pink for a brilliant, juicy finish. This is the one to wear if you'd rather place more emphasis on your lips than your eyes.

The Verdict

In a word, brilliant. The Korres Natural Beauty Necessities kit delivers in a big way, and it's a great choice for anyone who's not familiar with the brand and wants a great introduction. Priced at $39.50 and available at Sephora, it's also a fantastic value.

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