Korres Lemon Lip Scrub

lemon lip scrub

Lip exfoliation is one of those oft-overlooked steps in an otherwise complete beauty regimen, so I was intrigued to come across Korres Lip Scrub the other day while doing a bit of on-the-job research. Though lip scrubs are nothing particularly new, they also usually aren't available in a convenient tube form, the way this one is. Since I'm always up for trying a new beauty product - especially one from one of my favorite brands - I decided to give it a test drive.

About Korres Lemon Lip Scrub

I'll be up front: This $20 scrub isn't inexpensive the way, say, your favorite drugstore lip balm might be. I often lump lip scrubs in with products of that nature, since it's not so much a cosmetic as it is a treatment. Nonetheless, Korres has always proven a brand with high-quality products, so I was confident that it would be money well spent in the end.

Packaged in a sleek lipstick tube, the product moves up with a simple twist of the base. The pale lemon scrub stick is infused with a host of ingredients that are formulated to exfoliate dead skin cells and moisturize dry lips. They include:

  • Rice powder: This is the scrub's exfoliating agent, and it's quite gentle, as opposed to something like apricot seeds. It feels as though it's been pulsed very finely, so the end result is softly effective, not harsh and grainy.
  • Coconut flour, jojoba seed oil and beeswax: This proprietary blend is formulated to infuse the lips with intense, long-lasting moisture. The conditioning process is furthered along by sunflower seed oil.
  • Lemon peel oil: Of course, the lemon peel oil gives the scrub its strong, noticeable scent.

How to Use

I've come across lip scrubs in the past that were packaged in small jars or tins; others were liquid formulas in squeezable tubes. Neither of those containers is very sanitary or convenient for applying something as delicate as a lip scrub, so I was thrilled at the start by Korres Lemon Lip Scrub's tube packaging. Thus, using it couldn't be easier: Just apply it as you would a lipstick or stick lip gloss. If the lips are especially dry, feel free to go over them a few times to really work on those parched areas. Otherwise, one or two coats will suffice. Then, take a small piece of tissue or gauze and swipe it across the lips to remove any excess.

I've founded that applying the scrub a bit before putting on my lipstick really helps prep them for longer lasting color. It's almost as if the scrub acts as a primer. My lips are instantly smoother and softer, which in turn allows my lip pencil to really glide easily onto my lips. Since I fill my color in after I've lined them, I also notice a distinct difference in how easy it is to completely color my lips. It's a quicker, easier process that I didn't even realize was taking me extra time before!

The Pros

This lip scrub smells great. The lemon aroma isn't too overpowering, but it's definitely noticeable. If you aren't one for citrus scents or happen to have a sensitivity to citrus based products, steer clear. Another great trait is its effectiveness. This doesn't require several weeks (or even one week!) of usage in order to see (and feel) a visible difference. Finally, it's great to use year round but is especially helpful to have on hand during the coolest months of the year, when the skin is at its driest.

The Cons

If your lips are especially sensitive or even very chapped, you might find this slightly abrasive (despite the gentleness of the rice powder). Some individuals may not love the "work" that goes into using this scrub; the directions state that it should be wiped off after application. Note, however, that it's not really essential to do this - it's just as easy to leave the product on, allowing it to sink into the lips for a few minutes before applying a lip balm. This is only a good idea, though, if you're not headed out the door!

The Verdict

I'm a big fan of Korres products in general - I find they're well worth the expense and usually deliver on their promises. This scrub served its purpose well, but in the end I don't feel confident that I would repurchase the product. Since my lips are not naturally dry to begin with, I'm less of an all-the-time scrubber and more of the once-in-a-while variety.

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Korres Lemon Lip Scrub