Kids Perfume Sets

Check out fun perfume sets for both girls and boys this holiday season!

Kids perfume sets are the perfect gift for the special child in your life.

What You Need to Know About Kids Perfume Sets

Children's cosmetic products as a general rule are non-toxic and irritant free. This makes them appealing to parents who worry about their child (or a younger sibling) ingesting perfume or makeup, or having an adverse reaction to it. However, some kids still do experience allergies from various child versions of products meant for adults.

If your child normally has very sensitive skin, it is important to read the ingredients of the product before handing it over. The last thing a little girl wants on their birthday or on Christmas is an uncomfortable rash. Some ingredients in perfume that can cause an allergic reaction are:

  • geraniol
  • eugenol
  • hydroxycitronellal

Some children also experience adverse reactions to peppermint oil and wintergreen oils, so be extra cautious around the holidays when purchasing "Christmas-scented" products for children. If you steer clear of these ingredients, most any child should be able to enjoy the fun of "playing grown-up" with their special perfume designed with them in mind.

The Best Buys

There are plenty of kids perfume sets to choose from, and that can make an average shopper feel overwhelmed or confused as to what a little girl will love. It is even more daunting of an experience if you are shopping for someone else's child, as you deal with the anxiety of not knowing if you are purchasing a treat they already have. Below are some of the most popular kids perfume sets that will be sure to make a super scented splash at any party.

Barbie Princess Perfume

Manufactured by toy genius Mattel, Barbie Princess is described as having a flowery, girly scent that no one can represent better than the girl of all girls, Barbie herself. A mixture of mandarin, flowers, and wood, kids will love the bonus Barbie watch that comes with this miniature eau de toilette.

Not Just For the Girls

Unfortunately, little boys are often excluded from the world of cosmetics. However, many designers within the toy industry have recognized the fact young men often idolize their father or other male role models in their life and would love to slap on some aftershave and cologne right alongside him.

While children's aftershave has yet to be invented, there are plenty of masculine scents also available for boys who want to feel a little special.


Any little boy will tell you that smelling like Superman is one step closer to becoming Superman. Give him a head start with an eau de toilette spray fragrance that comes with a bonus watch. The scent is neutral enough that a tomboy sister just might want to steal it as well.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey's popularity is timeless, and if you are not confident on where a child's interests lie, you can never go wrong with the mouse! This 1.7 oz. spray comes with a metallic lunch box that can be brought to school, in the car, or anywhere else a little boy needs to bring a snack or special treasures. The scent is described as being a blend of citrus fruit. No girly flowers here!

You can purchase kids perfume sets online, at your local toy store or drugstore, or at chain retailers such as Target and Wal-Mart.

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Kids Perfume Sets