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The First Kiss line

This past spring, Keisha Whittaker's lip gloss line was released and fans are raving about the non-tacky, glossy lip line.

About Keisha Whittaker

Keisha Nash Whitaker is a well known Ford model and wife to Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker. Because the most common spelling of her last name actually has two T's, many search engines pull up her name by searching for "Whittaker" instead of the actual spelling of her name, which is "Whitaker". You will see her name spelled both ways in this article to help those who are searching for information on the model and her makeup. However, the correct spelling is "Whitaker".

She was born in 1972 in Boston, Massachusetts. She has three children, two with Forest Whitaker and one daughter from a previous relationship. In many ways, and despite her beauty and glamour, Keisha is an ordinary girl. During an appearance on Oprah, she confessed to loving Ritz Crackers, Slim Jims and Hanes T-Shirts. With this kind of taste, it's little surprise that Keisha Whittaker lip gloss is so fabulous.

The Keisha Wittaker Lip Gloss Line

Keisha Whitaker's lip gloss is called Kissable Couture. A couple of years ago, she teamed up with friend and celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson to create the Kissable Couture line. Right now, Kissable Couture offers three collections.

First Kiss

The first collection is called First Kiss and comes in seven exciting shades of shimmery glossiness. The tubes run about $22 each. Each of the colors is named after a guy Keisha or her friends have kissed. Here are the colors in the first line:

  • Forest: A brilliant and deep crimson-red.
  • David: A neutral brown that goes with anything.
  • Tyler: A deep purple shade that goes well with dark skin tones.
  • Eric: Orange with a touch of brown. Almost a burnt pumpkin color.
  • Chris: This color is a medium-tinted peach and goes with almost any skin tone.

Subtle enough for every day wear.

  • Dylan: A medium pink that creates a soft, dewy look.
  • Johnny: A very pale plum color.

Dreamy Valentine's Collection

After successfully launching the First Kiss line in January of '08, the Keisha Whittaker lip gloss line released three new colors in February to celebrate Valentine's Day. The shades in this collection have been named for things love inspires. Here are the colors:

  • Fantasies: A deep red that creates a bold fashion statement. Perfect for a night on the town.
  • Dreams: A very pale pink that adds just a hint of color and gloss to the lips.
  • Bliss: A pinkish mauve color that is neutral enough to wear with anything.

The Nudes Collection

Just in time for the lighter makeup of summer, Kissable Couture released this new collection in various shades of nudes. Not only are the shades neutral enough to go with any outfit and any skin tone, but they are subtle enough for a picnic or day at the office without being overly bold. Wear over darker [[Lipstick|lipstick] for an evening look. Colors in this collection include:

Nudes collection
  • Innocence: This is the lightest shade in the collection. With just a hint of caramel color, this gloss looks great on anyone and can take everyday drab to always fab.
  • Honesty: A little more color that reminds you of toffee. This one also has a bit of glint that will reflect in the light and give you even more shimmer and shine.
  • Exposed: This is the darkest color in the nudes line and is more of a deep bronze. It also has a lot of added shimmer and sparkle.

Where to Buy Kissable Couture

You can buy your own favorite shade of this lip gloss at Brick and mortar stores that carry this gloss include:

  • Henri Bendel, 712 Fifth Avenue at 56th Street, New York, NY
  • Apothia at Fred Segal, 8118 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA
  • Luxe Beautique, 222 Humpherey Street, Boston, MA
  • CREAM, 5820 Sunset Drive, South Beach, FL
  • Lady L Boutique, 1101-16 Uptown Park Blvd, Houston, TX
  • Bel Viso Day Spa, 4957 Lakemont Blvd SE, Bellevue, WA
  • Haleys Cottage, 15021 Main Street Suite E, Mills Creek, WA
  • Manhattan Boutique, 122 Lake Street South, Kirkland, WA
  • DLA, 2942 SW Avalon Way, Seattle, WA
  • Crave Beauty, 162 Station Street, Duncan, British Columbia
  • The Parlor Spa, 16th 9th Avenue South, Cranbrook, British Columbia
  • U-The Life Accessory Store, 2028 Vine Street, Vancouver, British Columbia

Expect to see the line expand into even more stores and retailers in the near future.

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