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For years, aspiring professionals have been vying for jobs in the beauty industry. As the market continues to grow and expand, that dream is becoming a reality for many hardworking individuals willing to make the sacrifice and work toward success.

The Competition For Jobs in the Beauty Industry

Working in the beauty field can be a rat race. Many markets have such a low turnover that one would have to be a cosmetics wunderkind to even get her foot in the door.

However, many people persevere in this tightly competitive profession and enjoy the rewards of a long standing career. The best way to break into the business is to make connections with others who are already established. Building a positive reputation through the word of mouth of those respected in the industry can be your greatest asset when it is time to search for a job.

Developing a resume of experience can also give you a boost above the competition. Many believe that attending cosmetolgy school is enough to merit them an elite position in their profession of choice, however experience counts for twice as much when you are trying to work for a well-known company.

Consider working for free at weddings or model shoots. In lieu of payment, ask your clients for an outstanding letter of reccomendation or for them to refer you to their friends and family. As you build your experience, you can adjust your services to include a below-market fee. When you feel you have reached a level of professionalism to be recognized officially by the industry, begin to charge regular prices and show off your work history to employers looking to hire new beauty workers.

Different Jobs in the Beauty Industry

Searching for jobs in the beauty industry can mean a few different things. From hair to cosmetics to high fashion, there are many careers to choose from.


If you love to play with hair and thrive off of the thrill of knowing your job helps people to feel better about themselves, then working at a hair salon may be your best bet in the beauty industry. There are countless beauty schools across the nation that specialize in hair, providing you the education and expertise you need to become successful in this unique and popular craft.

Some stylists work under the direction of a salon, while other more experienced workers simply rent chair space from different locations. Whatever method you use, being a stylist has some benefits above and beyond the usual paycheck.

Your regular clients come to you not only for a great new look, but for a listening ear as well. Many hairstylists find that time with their customers becomes a therapy session as people pour their hearts out under the hum of the dryer. More and more women are going to the salon for the gossip and good chats than they are for the cuts and highlights.

While being a friend and a stylist simultaneously can be fun, people working in this industry can warn you there is a definite downside. Salon work has one of the highest burnout rates of any job, as many hairdressers work impossibly long hours that almost always include weekends. Not working on a Saturday can be a nail in the coffin of your career, as this is the biggest day of the week for salons. Dealing with grumpy customers can be another trying experience, as everyone has a different sense of style and it is virtually impossible to please everyone all of the time.

Makeup Artist

Becoming a makeup artist can be a fun and rewarding experience. Out of all the jobs in the beauty industry, positions in makeup design are the most coveted due to their great potential for growth and advancement. From working in advertising and television to enhancing a bride's sense of beauty and confidence on her wedding day, makeup artistry has so many levels and variations to it, it would be difficult to not find a niche you enjoy. While some similar professions such as cosmetology require a rigid amount of training hours and certifications, a makeup artist has no strict requirements. You can begin your career as a makeup artist in the same ways you break into hairstyling. Attending beauty conventions and seminars in your area are also a great way to build your expertise and make connections.

Designing a website is also a good idea, especially if you want to work as a freelance artist. Showcase your personal flair and style through a designed site that will give people an idea of what sort of makeup artistry you excel at.

Being aware of the growing number of organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics on the market can also give you a unique edge in the market. Many consumers look out for products that do not test on animals, and advertising your business as complying with that can really set you apart from the competition.

Being a makeup artist can mean many different things from doing stage plays or runway shows, print ads to movie sets. Wherever your passions take you, this diverse industry is ideal to explore.

Job Perks

Many people holding down jobs in the beauty industry will tell you one of the fun parts of their career is the amount of free gifts that come their way. From cosmetics samples to VIP passes to concerts, shows, and travel destinations, working in the world of beauty definitely has its benefits.

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Jobs in the Beauty Industry