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Fans of her classic fragrance can get a double dose by layering Jessica McClintock perfume body powder over it for maximum impact. Ideal for adding just a hint of light fragrance and leaving the skin soft and comfortable, this powder serves as a complement to the perfume, but can also be worn on its own.

About Jessica McClintock

Known for her vast selection of prom and bridal dresses, designer Jessica McClintock's story might surprise those who weren't even aware she was a person! Though the eponymous company goes by Jessica McClintock, Inc. professionally, it is McClintock herself who built the company from the ground up, expanding it from a small dress company to the multitudinous lineup that it is today. In addition to dresses for special events, McClintock also carries general party dresses, children's clothing, handbags, jewelry, dressy accessories (like gloves and veils) and fragrances.

The McClintock Fragrance Collection

Many women know that familiar McClintock box well: With its elegant gray and white color palette, it certainly needs no introduction. For those who aren't versed in McClintock fragrances, though, a little history: McClintock created the line in her desire to express her style and creativity in a fresh way. The signature scent, Jessica McClintock, was introduced in 1988 and instantly became a top seller. Well on her way, McClintock continued wowing the beauty world by introducing her second scent, Jess, in 1995.

The original fragrance is a romantic floral recognized for its clean, everyday-appropriate scent. By virtue of its complex bundle of notes, one might expect something heady and overpowering, but in truth Jessica McClintock is a light, subtle perfume that wears wonderfully during the day. It is broken down as:

  • Top notes: Bergamot, black currant bud, ylang-ylang, bergamot
  • Middle notes: Lily of the Valley, white jasmine, rose
  • Base notes: Musk, woods

Despite its fresh airiness, this floral scent can be worn at night, when most women prefer to wear something sexier and more dramatic. For fans of this aromatic fragrance, it can be achieved by layering the perfume with several other scented products in the lineup, including body lotion and body powder.

Jessica McClintock Perfume Body Powder

While once associated almost exclusively with the "old days," body powders have come a long way. Today, they're a favorite of women who want to get more mileage out of their favorite fragrances. In addition, they keep the skin dry and smooth and so easy to apply. They can even be lightly sprinkled onto bedding for a hint of delicate fragrance. It's no wonder that Jessica McClintock perfume body powder has been a mainstay for so many years.

Available in two packaging varieties, this powder adds a little extra oomph the original Jessica McClintock fragrance. To wear it, simply dust it onto areas you might normally wear powder - the décolleté and collarbone are common spots, but anywhere on the body that you want to add a little scent is fair game.

Jessica McClintock's powder is available in two forms:

  • Canister: The two-ounce canister container recalls the vintage appeal of products like Yardley's body powders from yesteryear (which are still available, by the way). Round and compact, it opens to reveal a wide puff applicator, which makes using the powder especially simple. Just press it into the powder and pat it lightly onto the skin. Be sure to blend well to avoid any white marks, just as you would any other talcum powder.
  • Shaker: A shaker container is usually more convenient for travel, and for some it's the preferred method of powder application. Via the sifter opening, a small amount of powder is dispensed into the hand and then manually applied. Shake gently to avoid spillage.

Give the Gift of McClintock

It's also worth noting that the McClintock body powder is readily available as part of specially packaged gift sets. Most include a bottle of fragrance, and may also include some combination of body powder (in either type of packaging), soap, body lotion or cream, shower gel and miniature fragrance bottles. For the Jessica McClintock fragrance lover in your life, there can be no better gift!

Where to Purchase

Jessica McClintock's fragrances are widely available at select beauty retailers, department stores and online, including:

By Tanya Sharma

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