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Jennifer Aniston's makeup is always naturally beautiful whether she's on the small screen or the big one. She's got the great facial features and gorgeous coloring to go with her celebrity status, but you don't have to be a superstar to pull off her simple look. Even if you never got "The Rachel" haircut when it was in style, you can experiment with her golden child, girl-next-door type of makeup.

The Eyes

  • Lid shades to try:

This shade should be pretty close to your skin tone. You can go a little darker or lighter, but the main idea here is not to do a smoky eye or pull out the bright pinks, blues, greens, or oranges. You want it to look like you may or may not be wearing shadow at all. You can, however, add a little shimmer for an eye-brightening effect, if you don't prefer mattes. Note: older lids usually do better with matte shades. You may even want to branch out to other pastel colors like blue, pink, lavender, or peach to bring out your eye color. Jennifer Aniston's done it here and still managed to look natural and beautiful, like the girl next door with a hint of glamour. For makeup beginners, though, neutrals are still best.

Try: MAC All That Glitters, Revlon ColorStay Creme Eyeshadow in Praline, Cover Girl 1-Kit Eye Enhancer in French Vanilla

  • Crease shades to try:

Navy blue, charcoal, plum, black (use sparingly!), or medium to deep brown-especially matte shades or other textures without a large amount of frost or glitter. Try: MAC Black Tied, Carbon, or Print

  • Highlight shades to try:

This shadow should have at least a little sheen to it rather than being completely matte. It should be a bit lighter than your own skin tone, but not obvious. Its function is to brighten your whole eye area.

Try: MAC Shroom

Alternative placement for nights out: Put the crease shade of your choice from above on the lid and the lid color in the crease. Blend the lid color into the crease color, and the crease color into the highlight color. Take a bit of the highlight color and put it in your inner v, closest to your nose, to brighten the whole area.

The Face

Jennifer Aniston's not one to get stuck in a beauty rut or one to follow the newest beauty trends to the point of looking ridiculous. That being said, instead of sticking to her early Friends roots, she has kept up with the times . For example, instead of the matte foundation she wore in the earlier episodes, she's branched out to a more glowing look.

To channel her early 90's look for a matte face, try Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. Looking for a new blush to go with your new look? Cover Girl's Classic Color Blush in Natural Glow (Soft Mink for darker skin tones).

A good muted rose blush to complement the matte face is MAC's Powder Blush in Blushbaby. Need bronzer to copy Jen's tannest looks? NARS Laguna complements a surprising range of skin tones. Sweep it on where the sun hits your skin or use a large powder brush or kabuki to deepen your overall color.

The Lips

As with the shift in foundation, there was a shift in lip products, too. From the 1990's to the present, lipstick has shifted from matte and dark, to glossy and light. Jennifer's makeup is no different. She and her makeup artists are still adept at choosing flattering colors for every season, and the more matte lip-look has transitioned into shinier, glossy puckers.

In movies, like Along Came Polly, makeup artists gave her a chance to shine with a red lip that was pretty, not overpowering.

Try: NARS lipstick in Pigalle (early Friends days).

Jennifer Aniston Makeup: The Friends Days

Unless it's the episode where Ross does Rachel's makeup for her, insisting, "No, you don't wear enough of this stuff," Jennifer Aniston's makeup is almost always done in a neutral, subtle way. Makeup artists used grays, browns, and skin tones for eyes; terra cottas, nudes, or light berries for lips; and blush so perfectly applied you don't even know it's not her own glow. In the later episodes where her tan was darker, she seemed to wear bronzer, as well.

Earlier episodes were consistent with 1990's makeup: matte lip and foundation, dark eyeliner, and again, neutral shadows-a light one on the lid, a dark one in the crease, and a highlighter on the brow bone.

Movie Makeup

Aniston never looks overdone in her movies, either, much like her character on Friends. For example, here is a breakdown on what she wore in Along Came Polly, which she starred in with Ben Stiller. In The Good Girl, The Breakup, and Rumor Has It her natural beauty still shines through.

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Jennifer Aniston Makeup