Is MAC a Good Makeup Line for African American Women?

MAC Plush Lash
MAC Plush Lash

Is MAC a good makeup line for African American women, you may be wondering. With its extensive line of colors that are suitable for every skin tone imaginable, this is one brand that fits just about every woman.

From Yesteryear to Today

The cosmetics offered for women of color have come a long way in recent decades. It wasn't that long ago that women outside of the fair-skinned mainstream had to improvise when it came to makeup, particularly in finding a foundation that didn't make their faces appear chalky. In response to this dearth of flattering colors for African American women, lines like Fashion Fair and Opal were created - they feature cosmetics that accommodate skin tones from fair to dark.

Today, however, women of color have even more choice. Brands such as Revlon and Max Factor have branched out considerably in terms of what they offer to all complexions. Include MAC in your list of brands that cater to women across the globe.

Is MAC a Good Makeup Line for African American Women?

It definitely is. Because African Americans have skin tones that run the gamut of the color spectrum, there's no one perfect foundation for all women. MAC answers this varied need by carrying a huge range of shades in products like foundation, eye shadow, blush, eye liner, mascara and lipstick, among others. The brand allows women to shop based on their specific needs based on their skin's undertones instead of dividing products along color lines.

Foundation and Powders

African American women can shop light foundation shades such as Studio Fix Fluid NC15, while a woman with darker skin may find NW55 is her perfect match. Because many MAC foundations contain built-in sunscreen, women of color can feel confident knowing their skin is protected from the sun's damaging rays; contrary to popular belief, skin of any color can burn.

From loose to pressed powder, including formulations designed to combat T-zone shine, women will find plenty of shade choices. There are also iridescent and mineral powders that will add a subtle sheen to darker skin.

Eye Shadow

MAC eye shadow colors tend to be very concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way. Women with dark skin, who may find lower quality shadows wash out and don't show up on their faces, won't have this problem with the deeply pigmented shadows from MAC. Use typical shadow or try the Paint Pot, which goes on creamy and dries to an intense pop of color.

Lip Color and Blush

While fair-skinned African American women can often use lip colors designed for medium complexions, women with darker skin tones usually need deep lip colors that will show up well. MAC, well known for high-quality, pigment-rich products, provides lipstick and glosses that accommodate women who need deep, rich colors to enhance their complexions.

MAC blushes range from pale pink confections to bronzers to brownish shades flecked with gold. As with other MAC cosmetics, all women should be able to find a perfect blush shade for them.


This is often the makeup product that dissatisfies women with deeper skin tones. Concealers from many brands don't come in a wide enough range to give flawless coverage to African American women. However, MAC solves that problem, in lightweight and heavier formulations. From the palest NC 15 to a deep NW 50 and many colors in between, any woman should find a concealer that will hide the occasional blemish or under-eye circles well.

Good for All Women

So in answer to the question, Is MAC a good makeup line for African American women, the answer is a definite yes. In fact, with its impressive variety of products and colors, it's a good makeup line for all women who want to enjoy being beautiful.

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Is MAC a Good Makeup Line for African American Women?