Imagine Love Perfume by Bath and Bodyworks

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In the year 2001, Imagine Love Perfume by Bath and Bodyworks was released to the general public. While many consumers found it to be the fragrance of their dreams, it was not a strong enough seller for the mainstream. After only a couple of years, Bath and Bodyworks discontinued the perfume.

Imagine Love Perfume by Bath and Bodyworks

Described as a designer style scent due to the large array of notes it contains, the perfume Imagine Love is an exceptionally sweet body-spray. With the top notes in sweet pineapple and bergamot, it leads into a soft floral blend of white cedar, woody violet, night blooming jasmine, passion fruit and peony. Finishing off with the aromas of sweet balsam, velvety amber, sandalwood and musk, it is a fragrance offering a strong initial feeling of being in a meadow of spring flowers followed by a walk in the woodsy forest. A very harmonious earthly scent imparting the sensation of springtime romantic walks.

Where to Buy

Since Imagine Love Perfume by Bath and Bodyworks has been completely discontinued, it can be extremely difficult to find and buy. Luckily, due to the vastness of the Internet marketplace, there are some options for those looking for discontinued perfumes.

Buy It Secondhand

Through resources such as online auctions and classified advertising, even brand new bottles of perfume can still be purchased secondhand. If you are looking for Imagine Love Perfume by Bath and Bodyworks in particular, the best online resource is:

Both individual and business sellers post discontinued perfumes for sale on Ebay and a quick search brought out at least a couple with offers of unused bottles of Imagine Love.

The other popular option is to search locally through places like:

On Craig's List you can hunt specifically for individuals selling Imagine Love or place a wanted ad to solicit a unique response.

Try an Imitation

Due to the residual success of Imagine Love, the perfume has a knock-off market available online. Do your own Internet search or check out the following two imitation perfume suppliers:

Discontinued Marketplace

When searching online, Imagine Love perfume by Bath and Bodyworks is unfortunately non-existent in mainstream discounted perfume outlets. You are more likely to have success with the smaller local perfume outlets or check out:

  • The Perfume Corner located in Boston is a large market filled with discontinued perfumes. You can also contact them directly to help you search for a particular scent - simply call 617-542-7638 for more information.
  • La Parfumerie in Seattle has an online shop and large mall store stocked with hard-to-find fragrances. Search their website, but if you can't find what you are looking for, you can send them an email and they will try to find it for you.

Make Your Own

While re-creating the exact Imagine Love perfume may be a bit of a stretch of your imagination, it still might be possible to use your enjoyment of this scent to create your own personal version. Making your own perfume is rather simple, once you have selected your essential oils. Simply test a variety of mixtures of the oils within a base, either purchase one designed for perfume making or use an alcohol such as vodka or an oil such as jojoba. Visit a store in your area that sells a variety of essential oils to choose from. Remembering the specific notes of the Imagine Love perfume by Bath and Bodyworks, try to select the oils that are the most pleasing to you creating your own unique scent reminiscent of the original Imagine Love.

Other Options by Bath and Bodyworks

When visiting Bath and Bodyworks either online or in store, the shop is adorned by the sense of smell. Although the fragrance Imagine Love has been discontinued, Bath and Bodywork's store shelves are filled with flavorful aromas whether you are purchasing candles or body lotion. Driven by the spa-like experience, you may easily find a new fragrance of your dreams within their current product line.

While most of the current merchandise assortment is not based on individual body fragrances, they do provide a nice variety of other scent avenues. All of their selected fragrances are based on natural aromas like floral and vanilla, and most are extremely sweet smelling. Not only do they offer scents within their standard bath and body products, they have also recently expanded their aromatherapy products offerings.

If you are looking to create your own special scent or trying to recreate the Love Imagine perfume, Bath and Bodyworks also provides you with the perfect place to shop for homemade perfume ingredients. Stocking a large assortment of essential oils, they also sell an oil blending lotion and containers for mixing your own personalized scent.

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