Makeup Tips to Make Eyes Look Larger

Make 'Em Pop!

Even if you weren't blessed with large doe eyes, you can learn how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup.

Eye makeup techniques can conceal flaws and emphasize some of your best features. Whether your eye woes include sparse lashes, hooded lids, or close-set peepers, these tips are sure to make your eyes stand out.

A few cosmetic staples such as a highlighting shadow, an eyelash curler, mascara and liquid liner are all you need to create these special effects.

Get Shadow

Draw attention to your eyes with eyeshadow. While many women with small eyes fear the added color or contour application, it really is quite simple!

Eyeshadow brightens and helps draw attention to the area. Go ahead and experiment!

Opt for Light Hues

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, opt for light colored shadows.

Pastels, taupes, and ivory hues will highlight clear up to the browbone. Make a clean sweep and keep your palette simple.

White Eyeliner

Tracing white eyeliner along the inner line of your bottom eyelid can make your eyes appear larger.

Adding a little white eye liner to the upper and lower inner corners of your eyes can also have an eye-opening effect. This technique can work on people who have naturally small eyes, as well as those whose eyes are appearing smaller than usual because their eyes are feeling tired and droopy.

Liquid Eyeliner

While there are plenty of makeup styles to make your eyes look bigger, the sexy cat eye is hard to beat. Grab your liquid eyeliner and master this simple application for sexy, bat-worthy eyes in no time!

Be sure to keep the dark line only on your top lid to avoid inadvertently making your eyes look smaller.

Highlight and Brighten

A light wash of neutral or flesh-colored shadow will highlight the brow bone and make the eyes appear larger.

Even if it is all you apply, a highlighter is a must.

Draw Attention with a Bold Color

Yes, you can wear bright shades of shadow! A simple wash of blue makes this woman's eyes the standout.

Put focus where you want it, and choose a skin-flattering hue.

Bigger Lashes, Bigger Eyes

Mascara is an eye-opening must-have. Always finish your cosmetic application with a couple of coats of your favorite mascara.

Black is always appropriate!

Curl the Eyelashes

It only takes a couple of seconds, but makes a huge impact!

Curling the lashes helps separate while adding crimp to the ends. Remember to replace curler pads every couple of months.

Eybrow Grooming

Keep your eyebrows properly groomed to frame your face and help your eyes look their largest. If eyebrows are left bushy and overgrown, the entire eye area begins to shrink, so regular grooming is a must.

Mistakes to Avoid

While there are many ways to make your eyes look larger, there are some makeup mistakes that could make them look smaller.

A few blunders to avoid include:

  • Using eye shadow that is too dark all over your lids and/or in the inside corner.
  • Skipping mascara on your bottom lashes.
  • Wearing mascara that is too light.
  • Using dark eyeliner on the inside line of your lower eyelid.

Make sure your eyes look their best by using an eye shape makeup technique chart to choose the best approach for a unique and creative look.

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Makeup Tips to Make Eyes Look Larger