How to Face Paint an Old Man Face

Old Man Face

For those hoping to don a realistic mature or elderly costume this season, how to face paint an old man face is a skill you may wish to learn.

Dressing up, whether it be for Halloween or a costume party, is always an experimental time that draws creativity and humor out of many people. With proper face painting techniques, you can learn how to face paint an old man face, a zombie, a witch, or perhaps even a bloodsucking vampire who's hungry for his next meal.

The key to realistic face painting and masking lies in the proper tools and some knowledge of the craft. Without both, the finished result may not have the same convincing effect.

How to Face Paint an Old Man Face with Latex Prosthetics

Chances are, most people who plan to dress in an elderly costume won't have the same budget as a professional special effects makeup artist. That doesn't mean you can't turn out a few brow raising faces with the following techniques and supplies.

To create an old man face, you will need a latex prosthetic (mask) as a base that you will finish and add effects to with face paint.

Tip: Be forewarned that some people have severe latex allergies. Make sure you can withstand latex on your face before wearing this elaborate special effect costume.

To create your old man face, you'll need to seek out the following supplies, available at many special effect costume stores and theatrical supply companies.

  • Latex Prosthetic: Latex prosthetics are available for purchase online at specialty costume retailers. This old man face, available at Mallats Pharmacy and Theatre Makeup is the perfect starting point for your old man ensemble. Make sure when you shop for a mask, that you find a full- face elderly prosthetic with all the lines and wrinkles needed to add the realistic years to your face.
  • Spirit Gum: After you find the perfect old man face, you'll need to purchase an adhesive such as spirit gum to glue on the facial prosthetic.
  • Liquid Latex: In addition to the spirit gum used for adhering the facial prosthetic, you'll need to purchase liquid latex to smooth the edges and finish the application of your elderly mask.
  • Old Age Makeup: Once your mask is in place and feels good, you'll need to add a flawless finish to your old man face with the use of old age makeup.

Old Man Makeup

Although the most realistic old man faces are created from the use of a prosthetic base, there are still a few tricks you can use with makeup alone to create a mature appearance. Old man makeup can be applied under a latex prosthetic. To create the look of aging skin, follow the following techniques:

  • Apply facial foundation in the correct skin tone, one that matches closely to your natural color. Choosing a cool tone will create a sickly or ghastly tone that may be appropriate if you are mimicking an unhealthy character.
  • Use a highlighter to highlight the jaw line, and facial features.
  • Apply dark shadow in the crevices of the eyes to create a hollowed out, aging appearance. Be careful not to blend the shadows too much, the harder the shadow lines, the better the effect.
  • Create the look of dry, sallow lips with a nude or beige lip liner. Draw a line around the natural lips and fill in with the lip liner.
  • Baby powder can be dusted into the hair around the jaw line to create a powdered, aging effect.
  • Create a bushy eyebrow with artificial hairy,adhesive brows or fill in natural brows heavily with a gray eyeliner, extending them higher and wider than the natural brow.

Old Man Wigs

For a convincing spin on your old man costume you may need to sport a wig with graying, balding or thinning hair to complete the old man ensemble. If you choose to forgo the wig, buy a can of gray or white spray on hair color for an instant aging effect.

Other Accessories

Once your face and hair are in place, you'll need to find some clothes that resemble that of an elderly man. There ate lots of options here. You can sport a terry bath robe with soft slippers. Or, an old pair of polyester pants with loafers, a plaid short sleeved shirt, and a grandpa cardigan. For the budget minded, how about wearing a simple hospital robe or a trench coat over top of a pair of sweats?

Creating an old man costume will be easy once you've added the well earned years to your face with a facial prosthetic and finishing makeup. Get creative and raid your closet, and get ready to surprise all of your friends with your mature new look!

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