How to Do Your Makeup Like a Playboy Bunny

Playboy bunny woman

If a sexy costume is part of your Halloween get-up, then knowing how to do your makeup like a Playboy bunny will complete this nice-but-naughty ensemble.

Playboy Bunnies

A longtime staple of the Playboy mansion and men's daydreams all over the world, Playboy bunnies are not your average girl next door. Their uniform consists of a modified tuxedo -- bow-tie, form-fitting bodysuit (similar to a one-piece bathing suit), bunny ears and of course, a fluffy white tail. They help to embody the Playboy image, which is all about fun and good times.

If you've decided to be a Bunny for Halloween or other costume event, your outfit is only part of a convincing persona. The other part is skillful makeup application and knowing how to do your makeup like a Playboy bunny. While definitely sexy, Bunny makeup is also playful. Imagine you're the girl next door, but with an alluring twist. This is one makeup look that allows you to get comfortable with color.

How to Do Your Makeup Like a Playboy Bunny

This isn't the time for a natural look, as Bunnies go for all-out glam and sexiness, with maybe a touch of wholesomeness. After all, you're sporting a fluffy tail. Follow these steps to transform yourself into the perfect Playboy bunny:

  1. Prep face with moisturizer. This helps foundation adhere evenly and smoothly.
  2. Apply foundation that matches your skin tone. Look for lightweight formulations, such as liquids or mists. Use clean fingers or a makeup sponge to apply. A slightly damp sponge allows for sheerer coverage.
  3. Dust your face with loose powder. A mineral powder gives a slight sheen, making your skin appear more dewy.
  4. Eyebrows should already be tweezed and arched if necessary. Comb eyebrows into place with a brush. Color in any sparse areas if needed.
  5. Now the eyes. You can either go with a cat's eye makeup look or a smoky eye; both are suitable Bunny material. For cat's eyes, use a black liquid or pencil liner to line the upper lids. Begin at the inner corners with a thin line and thicken it as you get to the outer corners. Don't forget the slight upturn at the outside corners. Eye shadow colors in pale silver, white, pearl, pink or peach are all appropriate. For smoky eyes, select a color palette of deep gray, brown, blue or violet.
  6. A highlight color under the browbone should be well-blended into any other shadow colors.
  7. Line lower eyelids with pencil or shadow in thin lines.
  8. Finish eyes off with several coats of dark mascara.
  9. Add a flush to your cheeks with powder or cream blush in peach, pink or light bronze. Be sure to blend well.
  10. Lips can go dark or light. Deep red lips work well with cat eye makeup, but glossy pale lips will finish off any face. If you choose dark lipstick, line your lips first with a matching lip liner. Draw the line just outside your natural lip line if you want to create a bigger pout. Rose, pale pink and mauve are all good color choices on the lighter end of the spectrum.
  11. Follow any lip color with a light touch of gloss.

Ready for the Party

Now that your makeup is done, add to your ensemble with ears, bow-tie, bodysuit and tail. Fishnet stockings and sky-high heels complete your daring costume. Everyone who sees you may wonder why you're not at the Playboy mansion; just tell them that even Playboy bunnies get a night off sometime.

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How to Do Your Makeup Like a Playboy Bunny