How to Do Mermaid Makeup

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If you plan on dressing as an enchantress of the sea, you'll need to know how to do mermaid makeup that will enhance your costume.

How to Do Mermaid Makeup Tips

Mermaids are always a popular costume choice for women. Their sex appeal and mythical charm appeals to women and men alike. While there are a variety of ideas for mermaid makeup, to keep your look uniformed and most impressive, consider the rest of your costume prior to creating this fantasy look.

Most mermaid costumes include a metallic bikini top paired with a fishtail in varied sea colors. Long, wavy wigs complete the look, and the color of the wig and tail should help you in deciding how to do mermaid makeup for your mermaid style. If your wig and tail are accented with blue, you may decide to create dramatic eyes with an emphasis on these colors. If your hair is red or nymph-green, you can carry the look over to your mermaid makeup. Mermaid makeup is very similar to fairy makeup, in the way that the overall effect is fantastical and mythical. These looks are overly done and exaggerated, with the focus being on creating dramatic stage-worthy application techniques.

Different Ways to Do Mermaid Makeup

No matter the colors you choose to highlight from your mermaid hair and tail, make sure you invest enough time in your Halloween makeup application for the best results. Here are a few sea-worthy ideas and tricks to inspire your fantasy costume.

  • Sea colors: It only makes sense that a mermaid wears sea colors, so stick with an oceanic palette for your cosmetics. Blue, green, opal, oyster, and silver eye shadows will help to cast a watery and mysterious glow. While most cosmetic companies create an abundant selection of sea-worthy shades, Shiseido's Shimmering Cream eye shadow has a texture that can't be beat, and is available in a wide selection of oceanic colors. You can layer the color as needed to create more saturated results.
  • Liner: To help create the look of large bat-worthy eyes, define and line both the upper and lower eye with a coordinating colored eye pencil. A dark blue liner, or a dark green liner will add a bold, yet dramatic line that is sure to stand out.
  • False lashes: Forget waterproof mascara and opt for falsies to create the most dramatic lash line. There are so many dramatic lashes in which to choose, and there's no need to fret application. If you live near a major department store that carries the Shu Uemura line, head over to the counter and check out their handcrafted and designed fantasy false eyelashes. From crystal to feathers, Shu Uemura has the most exciting lashes in the industry, and the beauty representatives will even apply the lashes for you for best results!
  • Nude lips: While you may be a gal who opts for colored lips, you'll have to forgo a dramatic pout to be truly sea-worthy. Instead of wearing traditional red or berry lipstick, stick with neutral, lip-tone colors and add shine with lip-licking glosses instead.
  • Blush: A bit of pink blush will help finish off your mermaid look. A simple rosy glow is all that's needed to enhance cheekbones while imparting a healthy glow.
  • Glow: Every mermaid needs a bit of sparkle, so make sure you invest in a glow lotion or glitter powder to create a luminescent sheen on your skin. Add the sheen to cheekbones and eyelids to create a fantastical, ethereal shine.

Get Creative

Dressing up as a mermaid is a fun and playful costume idea. If you love cosmetic artistry, mermaids can't be beat for a unique and fantasy costume choice. Play around with cosmetics and pick your palette. Keep your focus on dramatic accents, and you're sure to morph into a sea-siren in no time!

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How to Do Mermaid Makeup