How to Do Amy Winehouse Makeup

Singer Amy Winehouse
Singer Amy Winehouse

You may be interested in knowing how to do Amy Winehouse makeup if you're into dramatic looks that are a little bit retro. While the troubled singer is sometimes known more for her legal issues than her vocal ability, you can still mimic her look, without copying her penchant for getting into trouble.

The Amy Winehouse Look

Amy Winehouse is known for her extreme cat eye makeup, but her lipstick colors occasionally change, depending on her mood. In some cases, you'll see her with bright red lips, which compete with her heavily made-up eyes. In others, she tones down the lipstick, preferring a subtle pink shade which allows her eyes to steal the show.

Your eye makeup, if emulating her look, will probably be the same, but you have your choice in lip colors.

Steps on How To Do Amy Winehouse Makeup

If you're familiar with Amy Winehouse, you know that she places a good deal of emphasis on her eyes. This isn't a look for the timid, and it isn't office-appropriate, either.


Begin by applying foundation or just concealer and powder to even out your complexion. Amy's skin tone is medium, but use whichever colors most closely match your skin.


Amy's brows are neatly arched and strong. Wax, tweeze or thread your eyebrows into a high arch as she does; if they're a little sparse, color them in with pencil in a color that matches your brow color. Use an eyebrow brush to tame them into place.


No Amy Winehouse makeup look is complete without a lot of eyeliner and mascara. Choose either liquid liner or a soft kohl pencil. Whatever method you select, the color choice is black.

You can skip the eye shadow if you like, but if you want to wear some color on your lids, make it a light shade, such as pearl or nude.

Begin on the upper eyelid and apply bold black in several steps. Start close to the lashline at the inner corner of the eye. Draw a line all the way past the outer corner and draw it up as you do so. Overlap this line and travel slightly higher up, drawing the same line. Repeat until about half of your upper lid is colored black.

Use the same liner to draw a line on lower lids. This line doesn't need to be as thick; start at the middle of the lid and draw it outward to meet the upper line.

Follow with two to three coats of black mascara.


Your eyes are already a focal point, so you can go the subtle route with pale lipcolor or glam it all up with red -- it's up to you. For soft lips, apply a pale pink or rose lipstick. You can follow with a light coat of gloss if desired.

Red lips should be colored with a flattering shade and then outlined with a matching pencil. This prevents feathering and bleeding of the lip color.

Amy has a distinctive piercing above her upper lip, which looks like a mole from far away. If you have a piercing in the same spot, congratulations -- your look is complete! For women who don't want to pierce this area, use liquid eyeliner to create a mole.

Complete the Look

If you want the complete experience, it's not enough simply to know how to do Amy Winehouse makeup. You also need to have the right hair. You could say she's channeling the '60s with her penchant for big bouffants. No need to tease your hair until your arms tire. Attach a half-wig or fall in a color that matches your hair, focusing volume at the crown of your head. Swoop big bangs over to one side and let the rest of your hair fall freely.

Tone It Down

You can still apply your makeup in an Amy Winehouse-inspired fashion without copying her exactly. So much dramatic makeup is probably too much for every day (and a lot of day jobs). A more subtle cat's eye design and high-volume hair may suffice until you can go all out like Amy.

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