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Hot tips for makeup aren't exclusive to the pros, nor do they have to take a long time to achieve. You can take your look from blah to brilliant in just a few minutes-no matter which feature you'd like to play up.

Hot Tips for Makeup Boost Confidence

Hot makeup tips for eyes, face, or lips can give you a great boost of confidence. Just be sure to only play up one feature at a time, leaving the rest of your makeup fairly neutral and understated.

Hot Tips for Eyes

  • Don't try to be perfect, just make sure your shadow lines are blended out around the edges.
  • Line the waterline or lower lash line with a white or cream kohl liner to look wide awake.
  • For deep set eyes that can't pull off the traditional smoky look with the dark shadow all the way across the lid at the lash line, try graduating from light to dark from the inner corner to the outer corner.
  • Line your eyes in a metallic shade, like violet or indigo, to bring out the color and take an unexpected, sexy detour from traditional brown and black.
  • When applying false lashes, apply a black gel liner to the natural lash line first. Go back over the line after you've applied the lashes. This helps disguise the band of the false lashes.
  • To make small eyes appear larger, only line halfway across on the top and one-third of the way in on the bottom. For extra lift, add a small wing at the outer edges of the upper lash lines.

Hot Tips for the Face

  • Apply a cream blush for a fresh-faced glow. You can also use it under your powder blush to enhance staying powder if your cheek color seems to fade away by midday.
  • Contour with a matte shade and highlight with a pearlescent shade to get the maximum effect. There's no shine in shadowed areas, but the slight shimmer will help the light bounce off of the highlighted areas and create the illusion of stunning bone structure.
  • If you plan to have your picture taken over the course of a day or an event, try to find a foundation with no sunscreen included. Sunscreen can make your face appear lighter in pictures than it looks in real life, making it appear that you didn't match your makeup to your skin tone correctly.
  • To make your nose appear thinner, place your pinky finger along the bridge of your nose, then apply a matte powder (eyeshadow is fine) that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone on either side of your finger. Blend down the sides of the nose for a seamless, contoured effect.

Hot Tips for Lips

  • To make sexy lips look exceptionally pouty, line the very edge with a pencil that matches your lip color or lipstick, fill in with lipstick, apply a lighter gloss in the center of your lips, then line just below your bottom lip with a taupe pencil to give the illusion of a shadow.
  • To make large lips appear smaller, stick to matte shades. The glossier the finish, the larger the lips look.
  • If you never get a chance to touch up your lip color, layer! Put on a lip stain, then lipstick, then gloss. Even after the lipgloss and lipstick have worn away, you'll be left with a final layer of color. This should extend the life of your look.

Overall Tips

Try to mix finishes. If you have shimmer on your eyes, skip shimmer on the cheeks and lips. Choose low-shine finishes like satin or matte there instead. Similarly, if you're using multiple shadow colors on the eyes, mix your finishes there rather than using three or four shimmery colors.

Primers make your hard work last longer. There are foundation primers, eyeshadow primers, and even mascara primers. The makeup adheres to the base and sticks around for hours. If you need to your makeup to last through the workday and into the night, they're a great option. In most cases, only minimal touching up will be required once you find the formula that works best for your skin type.

Final Thoughts

You can incorporate hot tips for makeup into your daily routine or save them up for a special occasion. There's no reason you can't look as dazzling as celebrities on the red carpet. Just a few special hot makeup tips can take your day to day look to sizzling new levels.

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