Holiday Makeup Tips

Get the perfect party face!

As the season changes to tinsel and bells, some holiday makeup tips come in handy. Special times and events call for special looks. Make sure your outfit is complete with a complete face to match.

Holiday Makeup Tips

In general, most holiday events happen in the evening. Even if they don't, as special engagements, you can follow the basic evening makeup advice. The essence of an evening look is to darken up your favorite daytime colors. In general, there is no need to take a step away from your own personality just to look spruced up. If you are most comfortable in your current look, enhancing it for a little extra evening contrast creates a nice holiday makeup presentation.

Of course, if it is your style, you can take advantage of this season to spice up your party face. Consider the following list of holiday makeup tips to liven up your appearance this holiday season.

Holiday Looks

Christmas Red

Nothing says holidays like the color red. The best way to display red on your face is in your lipstick. The darker the better to get you noticed. Bright red lipstick will instantly create a whiter smile, without a visit to the dentist. When you wear red lipstick, people listen to what you say as they can't help but notice your mouth. Not only do you feel more sexy and confident, you look it too. For added sex appeal, match your red lipstick to your nails. Take advantage of a special event to show off your extra ruby lips, as red lipstick is not for everyday.

Holiday Golds

Gold is the color for true holiday glamour and sparkle. Warm up a cold season by enriching your makeup colors with a little extra gold. Play up your cheeks and lips with zesty citrus. Place a sparkly gold polish on fingers and toes. Spray a little gold glitter into your hair. Find a few ways to sneak gold in to your makeup color assortment and enhance new situations or tender candlelight moments.

For an all over gold shine, mix some liquid gold shimmer into your normal foundation. You can also add it to face cream or body lotion for a more complete look.

Glitter and Gloss

When using extra sparkle in your makeup, it is best to add accents instead of overdoing it. Try a little frosty pale eye shadow paired with some pinky peach cheeks. Smudge on some pearlescent lip color or add shimmer gloss around the eye area. Try glitter mascara for extra fun. Toss a little glitter on as a final touch. Simply sprinkle on your outer eyes, brow bone and a dot at the center of your lips. Glitter is not made all the same, the larger sprinkles are great for attention grabbing, while the petite versions are a subtle highlight.

Make your nails match the rest with glitter on your fingers and toes. Either buy a special glitter nail polish or sprinkle glitter on a wet top coat.

A Touch of Mystery

Need to add some mystic to your persona? Nothing is more mysterious than dark eyes with nude lips. Draw your date in with eyes that are rich and deep. Use a little metallic grey or charcoal liner and completely encircle the eye. Finish up with a dark mascara and a well groomed brow line.


Let the romance back into your life with some simple holiday makeup tips. Create a just-kissed look by coordinating your lip and cheek color. Select a sheer natural blush color for that warm rush our face expresses after a tasty kiss. Place a couple coats of lipstick, but blot off most of the crisp residue, like you have just been kissed. Create a natural sexy glow with a touch of gloss over the lips and the tops of the cheeks.

Pamper Yourself

Take the time before a special event to treat yourself to a manicure or makeover. With a little extra-special personal attention, you will enhance both your inner and outer beauty. Especially during the winter season, with harsher weather and dry inside heat, your skin can take quite a beating. Relax and allow the experience to give you some positive energy during a typically busy holiday season.

Party Tips

Holiday makeup tips for those special occasions:

  • Match your makeup to the party's dress code - fancier the clothes, the more dramatic the makeup.
  • Buy a shimmer stick to use on cheekbones to brighten your look before the party begins.
  • For a quick pick up, use a cool washcloth to remove leftover foundation. Then apply a sheer new layer to even out your skin tone.
  • Avoid overdoing your cover up as it can easily look caked and tired.
  • Be sure your makeup is always well blended, as you want others to notice a sexy you and not your makeup.
  • Feel free to try some dramatic looks during the holidays, but be selective and don't go overboard.

Make It Last

Often at holiday gatherings, there can be little time to steel off for a quick makeup touch up. Make your makeup last for the whole event by using these holiday makeup tips:

  • Prep with foundation or primer before you apply color.
  • Always set your look with a powder. Whether it be a clear face powder as an overall finish or shadow powder over liquid eyeliner, powder will help your makeup stay put.
  • Pat products into your skin to ensure adherence.
  • Layer your key elements.
  • Double up on products like mascara, liner, or lipstick.
  • Set your eyebrows in place with brow gel.
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