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Healing Garden Jasmine

As a holiday gift, my husband bought me Jasmine Therapy Body Mist from the Healing Garden. He explained "I chose this specific scent because of all the perfumes I smelled, it was the only one I could imagine enjoying on you day after day."

Healing Garden Perfume

Jasmine Therapy is one of the selections from the Healing Garden aromatherapy line. The Healing Garden divides their scents into categories. Although the Jasmine Therapy collection is given the Jasmine title, the scent is actually a mixture of notes which includes the aroma of jasmine.

The main scents embrace extracts of aloe, jojoba, ylang ylang, neroli, and passion flower in addition to the jasmine base. To my nose, the mist is a very subtle flowery fragrance with a hint of sweetness. It emits visions of a romantic bouquet of spring flowers at the height of their bloom. Not a unique scent, it easily blends into the background.

Body Mist

As a body mist and not an official perfume, the fragrance is less intense. At first I only used it on my touch points, but quickly discovered that was useless. After only an hour I couldn't tell I was wearing any fragrance at all. Only when I would completely cover my body with spray did the scent last for a couple of hours. Either way, it is a fragrance that casually blends into the background with a very mild strength.

As a less expensive perfume product, I also noticed an after scent of alcohol, which was mildly displeasing. I came to only use the scent as more of a deodorant spray, as I found on the days that I wore it, I would smell pleasantly clean all day. Even though the original scent of the Healing Garden mist would dissipate, it left behind a lovely smell of freshness.

Jasmine Therapy

The body mist is part of a larger collection that includes a body wash and lotion. The set would make for a nice inexpensive holiday gift, especially for someone who travels. The mist is also a great addition to a gym bag, as the fragrance is not so overpowering that it would squelch other preferred scents, but would help keep a clean scent throughout a heavy workout.


Generally speaking this is not a great perfume. The scent is subtle and dissipates quickly. It offers no special qualities, other than a general feeling of clean. I would only recommend it for a younger woman or for someone who dislikes the scent of perfume, but wants a background fresh fragrance.

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Healing Garden Review