Hannah Montana Makeup Designs

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Whether you plan to dress up as Hannah Montana, or just want to emulate her coveted teen style, the following Hannah Montana makeup designs will help you achieve her famous fresh-faced and playful look!

About Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana is a television series featured on the Disney Channel. With several seasons and an Emmy award, it's no wonder why fans are obsessed with this unique teen drama. Hannah Montana is played by actress/singer Miley Cyrus, who is also the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

Miley plays Miley Stewart, a typical high school teenager who doubles as a pop star (Hannah Montana) at night. Her real identity is kept secret from her schoolmates, keeping the mystery and plotlines interesting and funny, as Miley is under constant pressure to keep her secret hidden. While Miley Stewart wears a natural, age-appropriate makeup style, Hannah Montana opts for a feminine and bold stage makeup style.

Popular Hannah Montana Makeup Designs

To design your makeup look like Hannah, stock up on the following cosmetic staples, and then play around with the technique suggestions that follow.


  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Translucent loose powder
  • Rose or pink Blush
  • Eye liner
  • Silver or gold metallic eye shadow
  • Neutral lip liner
  • Rose or pink lipstick
  • Clear lip gloss

Application Tips

  • Base: Most women weren't born with perfect skin, yet a clear complexion is the necessary base for any Hannah Montana makeup design. To create a flawless canvas, apply foundation evenly and set with loose powder. For under eye circles, lightly tap concealer beneath the eyes, and finish with a dusting of loose powder.
  • Metallic eye shadow: Once powder is set, apply metallic gold or silver eye shadow across the depth of the eyelid. Warmer skin tones can wear gold, while cooler tones should opt for silver.
  • Line: While a pencil liner will work just fine to recreate Hannah's defined, yet classic eye makeup, a liquid liner promises better staying power. To draw a liquid line, steady your arm and gently draw a thin line from the inner rim of the upper eyelid to the end, adding a gentle upward swoosh at the finish.
  • Mascara: To help define lashes while separating and adding volume, mascara is a finishing must! Black mascara will define eyes while adding a much needed dose of glamour. For best results, curl lashes prior to application.
  • Blush: Brush a medium to light pink on the apples of the cheeks to create a youthful glow.
  • Line lips: To help prevent lipstick bleeding, lightly dust lips with loose powder prior to applying a neutral or medium pink lip liner.
  • Apply color: While you can experiment with a variety of Hannah inspired makeup shades, a playful bright pink is sure to liven your look, and is a fresh alternative to red.
  • Apply clear gloss: To add lip-smacking shine to your lips; apply a clear gloss directly on top of lipstick.

Play with Color

Hannah Montana normally wears a variety of pink cosmetics. Rest assured, no matter your age, pink is a glorious alternative to traditional red lips and peach or bronze cheeks. If you're in a makeup rut, or feel your palette does little to add a youthful glow, consider one of Hannah's trade secrets and play with fashionable girly colors! To add even more drama to your Hannah-look, discover bright blue, green and pastel shadows and pair them with a light dusting of cosmetic glitter to add some stage-ready sparkle.

Not only is Hannah's makeup style appropriate for an after-dark party face, a clean liquid eye paired with a pretty pink lipstick works in a daytime setting as well. If you're ready to start experimenting with Hannah's playful look, simply lighten up your cosmetic palette while ditching the dark, berry, and bronzed shades and make your eyes and lips the focus in playful and girly shades of pink!


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