How to Do Halloween Vampire Face Makeup

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One of the most popular looks for the end of October holiday, All Hallows' Eve, is Halloween vampire makeup. You can take your own spin with it to make it uniquely your own, from sexy to scary.

The Basics Of Halloween Vampire Makeup

Your Halloween vampire makeup will consist mainly of three colors: black, white, and red. You may want to throw in a few splotches of blue or purple to add to the undead look. Vampires present themselves as sleek and sophisticated, so you'll want to make sure your application is precise and neat, while, at the same time, really getting into the details of your makeup. If that sounds scarier than meeting a vampire in real life, don't fret. It's not hard! You can practice beforehand, too.

Creating Vampire Lips

The mouth is one of the most striking features on a vampire. That's how they do their damage, after all, as they take bites from their human victims' necks!

  • The lips should look bloodstained.
  • A trickle of fake blood from the corner of the mouth or ringing the lips is optional.
  • The best way to achieve the just-quenched, bloodthirsty look of a vampire is with a lip stain. It'll stay on all night. Check out Sonia Kashuk's line at Target for an inexpensive one.
  • The deeper the red, the better. Think of the deep tones used in the "vamp" look during other cold times of the year (and the ones that were popular in the Roarin' 20s).

Tip: With red lips, you always want to use a liner. It bleeds otherwise. Choose a shade in either your natural lip color (try Wet n Wild #666 or #712) or a shade that matches your lipstick.

Red bloody lips

Vampire Eye Makeup

Eyes are the windows to the soul(less). And looking like a vampire is one excuse to play up both eyes and lips at the same time (a makeup no-no in most circles!).

  • You'll need a lot of black liner for your lids and your brows.
  • Line top and bottom lids heavily with the black liner (liquid or kohl both work well) and contour the crease with a dark gray or black shade.
  • Silver shadow on the lids works well, too. If you wish, add some mascara; mascara is especially important in the sexy vampire look for women.
  • If you prefer the scary look rather than the sexy one, you'll apply your blue or purple "bruise" colors on top of your foundation, under your eyes. Apply with a slightly fluffy shadow brush and build the color so the shadows seem to be natural.
  • Harsh lines and caked-on powder won't make dark circles look believable.

Tip: Put your eye makeup on before your foundation. Black shadow is notorious for causing fall-out; powder that gets stuck on your cheeks and under your eyes. If you apply your foundation afterward, you'll have a chance to remove the powder and even apply foundation over the stubborn specks.

Creating Vampire Eyebrows

Sleek by nature, vampires have impeccable eyebrows. So pluck, trim, or cover your own up and draw new ones on top. Fill in with black liner. Give them an angular arch (thicker for men than women). You want them to be slightly severe, but not just because they're black against a pale face.

Vampire eye makeup

Vampire Skin Tone Makeup

One word for you here: pale! Use the lightest foundation you can find. You're supposed to look like you barely even know what the sun is. Skip the blush. Vampires' cheeks don't even get rosy when they're embarrassed.

Pale face

Choose Your Version

Vampires, by default, are scary. They don't always flash their fangs and look evil right away, though. Part of their appeal is the ability to lure people in with their sexy, sophisticated vibe. This Halloween, don't forget there are different ways to express a vampire look.

Scary Vampire Look

No one wants to meet a vampire in a dark alley; a swarm of bats may render the innocent bystander's blood chilled. Male or female, you can use cosmetics to turn yourself into something deliciously frightening. Play with eyebrow shapes; they can add a whole new level to your menacing look. And don't be timid when it comes to the fake blood around your mouth.

Sexy Vampire Look

Whether you're setting out to be a gothic goddess or a smooth-talking gentleman vampire, sexy definitely has a spot on the vampire agenda. You'll just play up your features differently. Don't smear fake blood all around your mouth; stick to well-defined burgundy lips and a smoldering stare instead. Try to make your skin look as smooth as possible. Paint your fingernails a deep red or black.

Beautiful Vampire Girl

Afraid of Going It Alone?

If you're hesitant when it comes to hitting up your drugstore or department store cosmetics counter, you can visit the costume aisle instead. You can find a Halloween vampire makeup kit, complete with all the colors and instructions you need. carries them, but you don't have to order online if you don't want to. The local drugstore will have them during the appropriate season.

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