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Halloween Runway Makeup

Halloween Runway Makeup

Let these haunting Halloween runway makeup looks inspire you for your spooky persona.

One of the modern era's most creative holidays, Halloween is the perfect time to show off unique makeup and costumes.

From girlishly ghoulish to gorgeously garish, the runway's darkest looks can be great inspiration for a Halloween makeover.

Ghostly Pale

Ghosts have long been a Halloween costume favorite.

Give this favorite character a flirty makeover with an ultra pale face and grey eye shadow to draw attention to your eyes.

Subtle Skelatal Makeup

Grey makeup around the eyes and along the cheekbones provide a subtle skeletal look perfect for Halloween.

Scary Post-Apocolyptic Makeup

If your Halloween costume is fiercely futuristic, strong and simple makeup can accent it nicely.

Avoid sparkle for a serious look like this; opt for black or dark earth tones instead.

Glam Goth

The dark allure of gothic-inspired makeup gets a touch of glamor with a shiny black-red lip and lightly defined eyes.

Vampy Elegance

Modern female vampires can be elegant and beautiful.

Get a hint of vampire beauty with pink, red, or orange eye liner and pair it with black or dark grey shadow to boost the eery effect.

Finish with a nude lip.

Bright Character Makeup

Halloween makeup is fun as often as it is scary.

Bright colors, glitter, and exaggerated looks (such as this prehistoric-inspired runway look) are perfect for Halloween festivities.

Red and Black Eye Makeup

An exaggerated eye makeup style done in black and red is an eery Halloween staple.

Even without donning a full costume, a spooky eye look like this can instantly evoke a frightening feel.

Zombie Princess

Join the ranks of the walking dead with a shimmery zombie makeup look.

This is one time when it is ok to emphasize both the eyes and the lips!

Spooky Sunken Eyes

If you don't want to go ultra dark with black or deep grey makeup on Halloween, you can create a spooky effect with earth tones just as easily.

The sunken eye look done here with rusty shadow is just as effective at creating an undead look as darker shades.

If you need more inspiration for your Halloween makeup, see witch makeup ideas, too.

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Halloween Runway Makeup