Halloween Fairy Makeup Idea Photos

Halloween Fairy Makeup Ideas


The following Halloween fairy makeup ideas will ensure you look most enchanting on any given whimsical night.

Fairies continue to be a popular dress up costume for children and adults.

You can channel your inner pixie with these unique makeup looks. Here's how to turn a few ordinary cosmetics into wonderful Halloween fairy makeup ideas and styles.

Play with Bold Color


Here's your chance to play with bold color fearlessly!

If you love blue or purple shadow, create a sweep on your lids for a unique fantasy look.

Lighten Your Lips


Balance a bold eye with a simple light pink lip. Nude glosses and lips have an angelic quality perfect for little fairies.

Create Magical Eyes


Play with application for a unique fairy look. Create feather or winged eyeshadow styles for a touch of magic.

Explore Unique Palettes


Explore the world of unique colored lipsticks for a festive and adorned fairy style.

Blue lips may not work in the real world, but for this fairy- they make her costume!

Explore the World of Fantasy


Creating fantastical makeup is an expressive way to show off your feminine and flirtatious side.

For more magical and mythical ideas, be sure to check out our Mermaid Makeup Photos slideshow.

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Halloween Fairy Makeup Idea Photos