How to Create Five Different Halloween Eye Looks

Make-up artist paints a scary clown mask on her friend for Halloween party

Dressing in costume is fun, but don't forget unique Halloween eye makeup designs to complete your look. It's easy to create a variety of effects with a few supplies and some creativity.

Ideas for Halloween Eye Makeup Designs

While there are innumerable types of designs you can utilize for this fun holiday, listed below are some of the most common eye makeup looks sought after for Halloween. Depending on your character, you might choose a menacing or fun eye makeup look.

1. Sunken Eyes

To create eyes that look sunken back into your head:

Reflection in a mirror of a teenage girl applying Halloween makeup to herself
  1. Apply black greasepaint to your upper and lower eyelids.
  2. Blend the greasepaint so that it is darker along the lashes and along the contours of the eyeball, but don't extend it beyond the eyeball.
  3. Use a black eyeliner or eyebrow pencil to draw small lines on the brows, arching the lines up to a point for a sardonic look, or at a slant to create an angry look.

2. Cat Eyes

Cat eyes are easy to create with powder eye shadow, face paint, and a set of false eyelashes.

Girl with cat eye makeup holding a cat
  1. Apply a neutral color over the eyelids.
  2. Paint the main color of the cat's eyes on the lid with face paint.
  3. Add a dot of white face paint for a highlight effect.
  4. Allow the paint to dry before opening the eyes.
  5. Apply the false lashes to the upper lids above the lash line.
  6. Finish with black eye liner by painting a graduated line on the upper lid, started thin at the inner corners, thicker in the middle, and angle up dramatically, extending a half inch beyond the outer corners; paint a thin line under the lower lashes.

3. Devil Eyes

Get creative with fiery colors to create hot Halloween eye makeup designs.

She-devil halloween make-up
  1. Apply yellow eye shadow to the eyelids.
  2. Using red lip liner, draw a line a little above the natural crease of each eye.
  3. Apply red eye shadow from the line up as high as you desire.
  4. Apply some yellow eye shadow directly below the brows.
  5. Apply red glitter eyeliner and black mascara, or use false eyelashes.
  6. Create a design with glitter at the outer corner of each eye.
  7. Outline the brows in black.

4. Black Eyes

Use multiple shades of matte eye shadow to get the bruised, "black eye" look.

Black eye makeup
  1. Apply deep purple shadow on the lid
  2. Add some burgundy shadow in the crease
  3. Put mustard yellow shadow on the brow bone
  4. Smudge some purple down from the inner corners of the eye along the nose
  5. Using the mustard shadow, apply below the eye from the center to the outer corner
  6. Finish with thick black eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line, smudging some burgundy shadow along the lower lash line to make the eye appear swollen

5. Fairy Eyes

To achieve a magical, fairy design, follow these directions:

Fairy eye makeup
  1. Apply black eye shadow all over the lids, but don't go past the outer edge of your brows
  2. Add a shimmery violet shadow over the black shadow, extending all the way up to the eyebrows
  3. Apply a slightly darker blue or violet shade on the inside corners of the eyes
  4. Blend across into the existing eye shadow
  5. Add light blue or aqua eye shadow to the lower lash line, just under the black eye shadow
  6. Define the lashes by drawing a thin line just along the top lash line
  7. Using liquid eyeliner, create one or more upward swirls in the outer corner of each eye
  8. Finish with black mascara

Create a Perfect Look

Creating dramatic Halloween eye makeup designs is fun and easy. Unique, one-of-a-kind styles can be created to add drama, detail, and depth to your costume.

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