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Photos and Tips for Halloween Eye Makeup

Stunning Halloween Eye Makeup

Creating memorable Halloween eye makeup is an important factor in costume planning. While a costume itself serves to create a theme, the makeup can either make or break the desired look.

Whether you opt for a traditional vampire look, or go intense with a style such as a wicked devil, you can add all the special effects you desire to make your costume idea more unique.

While traditional makeup can serve a need for special effects, many of these looks may require specialty face paint. Take a look at these inspirations and get ideas for creating exciting Halloween eye makeup!

Get Witchy Eyes

If you want to play witchy, don't forget to create a unique makeup style.

Witches don't have to be dark and wicked, you can get creative and play with bold jewel tones to create a vivid look.

Consider purple, green or blue shadows for a wicked appearance.

Evil Clown Eye Makeup

If you want to play an evil clown or a zombie, you'll want to add black and white face paint to your Halloween supply list.

Black rings smeared under and around the eyes can help create a multitude of costume inspirations.

With little more than a white dress shirt, and this costume is done!

Sparkle with Fairy Dust!

Many women love to dress as fairies, and it's no wonder why!

The sparkling and flirtatious makeup styles are limited only to your own imagination. Try pairing bright shadow with glitter or glue-on rhinestones for a dramatic effect.

False eyelashes help to create this theatrical eye makeup style.

The Eyes of a Vampire

Vampires are always a Halloween favorite and their look makes them popular amongst men and women.

To create classic vampire eye makeup, darken the eyes with black shadow and create dramatic looks with cat eye makeup techniques.

As long as the face stays pale, you can add as much color as needed to add depth and contrast to your look.

A set of red contacts will make even more eye impact!

Feeling Skeletal?

Without his dramatic makeup, this skeleton would be nothing more than just a bag of bones.

Black eye makeup is used to create lines, fractures and creases on the face while contacts create a theatrical and creepy appearance.

Darkening the eye area with black paint will help the whites of your eyes stand out- perfect for a night-glowing effect!

Easy Clown Makeup

Clowns are a perennial costume favorite for good reason!

If you opt for a classic clown, outline eyes with a blue or orange circle. You can even create a diamond effect for interest. If you want to border on a twisted or creepy clown, consider wearing black eye makeup on top of your white face. Mimes are created much in the same fashion with simple designs around the eye area, including teardrops.

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Photos and Tips for Halloween Eye Makeup