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The House of Guerlain has provided luxury beauty products to women for almost two centuries. One of the oldest perfume houses in the world, Guerlain is largely responsible for bringing fragrance into women's lives. They are also one of the original and most innovative producers of high-end skin care and cosmetics products. Many of their inventions, like push-up lipstick, are still with popular today.

Quality and Luxury

With strong roots in fragrance, perfume is still a key focus of the present-day Guerlain cosmetics line. They also have historic roots in makeup and skincare; modern versions of many original creations are still available in the current product line. Long-established as purveyors of top-quality luxury products, the company is revered today for providing customers with the same level of excellence that made the brand famous nearly two hundred years ago.

Where to Buy

The House of Guerlain still favors the boutique style of distribution; if you are lucky enough to live near one, it's the ultimate experience in luxury beauty. Luckily, you can also find the cosmetics at many department stores and online retailers:

  • Neiman Marcus: You can find a full selection of Guerlain cosmetics products at Neiman Marcus.
  • Nordstrom: The makeup, skincare, and fragrances from the brand are available at Nordstrom. Get free shipping and returns on all web orders.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue: Saks offers all the standard Guerlain products. They also sell Les Collection Exclusive, which consists of four collections of fragrances that are exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • Sephora: Sephora sells a wide selection of classic and new Guerlain cosmetics products. Orders over $50 receive free shipping.
  • E Cosmetics World: The site offers the brand's makeup and skincare products. You get a free gift with purchase of any Guerlain product.
  • Amazon: You'll find countless Guerlain products in Amazon's beauty store. Look around for reduced prices and free shipping.

Favorite Guerlain Products

You can check out the full line of original and current Guerlain products on their site; here are a few of their most famous:

Historical Products

  • L'Eau Imperiale: Created for Napoleon III's wife in 1853, L'Eau Imperiale was the first custom scent from the House of Guerlain. Its bottle is famously covered in bees to symbolize the French Empire.
  • Bloom of Rose: Guerlain's founder imported liquid rose extract from England. Women used it to stain their lips.
  • Ladies In All Climates: Having created scented face powder in 1830, Ladies In All Climates was a natural evolution of the product. Sun exposure was taboo at the time, so the powder was formulated in 1897 to help women retain their pale coloring after being in the sun of the French colonies.
  • Secret de Bonne Femme: Guerlain's moisturizing cream was the first of its kind. It was a staple of the company's skincare line from its creation in 1904 until 1990.

Signature Products

Guerlain cosmetics, artificial nails and make-up
  • Shalimar: Launched in 1925, Shalimar is perhaps Guerlain's most popular fragrance. The signature fan-shaped bottle was a technical feat when it was created. The scent has been an international bestseller for nearly a century.
  • Terracotta: In 1984, Terracotta was the first pressed powder bronzing compact. It was an instant success in Europe and the States and has grown into an iconic line of makeup products within the Guerlain brand.
  • Les Meteorites: A revolutionary approach to powder, Les Meteorites uses multi-colored balls of powder to achieve the perfect complexion. It simultaneously evens and corrects all skin tones while reducing redness, enhancing luminosity, and providing a natural glow. It has been a mainstay of the brand since its introduction to the line in 1987.
  • Kiss Kiss: Guerlain invented the first push-up lipstick in 1870. This evolved into Le Rouge Automatique in 1936. Their signature lipstick, Kiss Kiss, is the brand's modern take on a classic. Known for its exquisite packaging and delicate fragrance, Kiss Kiss is the ultimate in glamourous lip color.
  • Issima: The Issima anti-aging line was launched in 1980. Its advanced technology and luxurious texture made it an instant success. Guerlain's Creme Camphrea, an anti-blemish cream created in 1870, is still among the products featured in the line.

New Products

  • Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia: Aqua Allegoria is a series of fragrances that was introduced in 1997. The collection is an ode to nature and features floral and fruity scents. Some are permanent fixtures in the brand's perfume family, but many are limited-edition, with two new versions released each spring. Lys Soleia is the newest addition.
  • Terra Azzura by Emilio Pucci: The company's collaboration with the famed Italian designer features Pucci inspired versions of the iconic Les Meteorites powder and Terracotta bronzing compact.
  • Noir G Mascara: Continuing its tradition of innovation, the company recently launched Noir G, the first refillable mascara with built-in mirror.

The House of Guerlain


The House of Guerlain was founded in France in 1828. It started as a small perfume storefront managed and owned by Pierre-Francois Pascal Guerlain. His custom creations were a quick success and soon requested by some of the highest members of French society. As the company expanded, the role of perfume master remained within the family for generations.

An Icon in Fragrance

The brand is unique in a world of designer fragrances largely created by fashion houses in that they founded their business specifically and exclusively in perfume for years. They have created some odd 600 individual scents including several iconic fragrances, including Shalimar, that are still produced today.


In 1994, the family organization was acquired by LVMH, a French company that owns many luxury goods brands. Under LVMH, Guerlain still operates relatively independently. One major change since the acquisition has been the introduction of outside perfumers into the company. With the retirement of Jean-Paul Guerlain, the first non-family member was named master perfumer.

Since its creation, Guerlain has been synonymous with quality. The brand has demonstrated a rare ability to adapt to modernity while honoring traditions established hundreds of years ago. They continue to produce some of the most innovative, well-made, and luxurious beauty products available today.

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