Greek Goddess Eye Makeup

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This Halloween, create a stunning look using Greek goddess eye makeup! It's a lot of fun and easy to achieve.

Shimmering Greek Goddess Eye Makeup

Greek goddesses possess glamour and sophistication that is indisputable. They are associated with power, elegance, and ethereal beauty. The captivating nature of their visage is enough to make wearing Greek goddess eye makeup an every-year Halloween look.

Step One

Before applying any pigments to your eyes, prep them with a primer or base. MAC offers some wonderful paint pots that can serve this purpose. However, take a look at what you've got in your makeup bag. If you have a little liquid foundation handy, go ahead and apply that to your eyelids. This will ensure color adhesion and will prevent any streaks from disrupting your look during the Halloween evening.

Step Two

Using a soft and dense eye shader brush (such as the MAC 239) pat a golden color of your choice onto the inner half of your eyelid, from the inner corner of your eye outward. With this color you are creating something of a bronzed goddess look. MAC carries a lovely shade called Goldmine which can work for this golden goddess look.

Step Three

With the same type of brush, blend in a contrast shade of your choice. MAC's Aquadisiac or Purple Haze both work wonderfully here. Apply and blend the shadow onto the remaining outer corner of your eye into the golden color. Be careful not to carry these colors beyond the crease of your eyelid.

Step Four

Using a softer satiny shadow in some variation of white, highlight your brow bones and blend. For this application some type of tapered blending brush is ideal.

Step Five

Smudge on a darker smoky shadow along the upper lash line and on the outer half of your lower lash line. Color the remaining lower lash line (from the inner corner of your eye towards to outer corner) with the same golden shadow you used in step two. This color should blend seamlessly into the look.

Step Six

Using a set of intensely thick false lashes (feel free to pick a pair that are adorned with jewels and glitter), enhance your alluring eye makeup. Apply false lashes after measuring them, ensuring they are trimmed to fit your eye length.

Step Seven

Bronze Mask Design

Using golden and silver face paints, draw on curls and wavy lines that encapsulate your eye makeup and frame the upper half of your face. For inspiration, look to images of ballroom and carnival masks and study the designs. Also, feel free to use the same eyelash adhesive glue to place cosmetic jewels on your face and around your eyes.

Other Ideas for the Look

If you want to make your look a bit more glistened and bronzed, dust on a bit of glitter or apply some luminescent sparkle liquid along the main highlight points of your face.

Other ideas to define your eyes line a Greek goddess:

  • A simple snoky eye with dark grey, purple, or amber colors
  • Winged eyeliner and your favorite shimmery eye shadow color
  • If you're waearing accessories as part of your costume, choose a color from your earrings or necklace for example, and use that in a dramatic shade on your eyes, along with dark black or brown liner and false lashes
  • Since greek goddesses are often synonymous with love and romance, you can also do a sultry, but lighter eye makeup look in romantic shades of pink or peach. Make sure to define the eyes with a darker liner (liquid liners will help keep your eye makeup from smudging and have a crisper appearance)and mascara.

Since you are placing a great deal of focus on your eyes, softly define your other features. Use a flesh toned lip color and a soft toned blush to keep attention on your captivating eyes.

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Greek Goddess Eye Makeup