Gothic Vampire Makeup

Show off your dark side!

If you want to travel to the dark side whether for Halloween or simply as a fashion statement, gothic vampire makeup is sure to enhance your look.

Unlike traditional and over-used bloody vampire makeup, gothic looks are much more sexy and seductive, and thanks to Stephenie Meyer's best-selling Twilight series, vampires are at their height of popularity.

The following instructions will help you create a unique and original vampire look while enhancing your feminine charm.

How to Create a Gothic Vampire Makeup Style

Gothic makeup styles are very artistic and dreamy, so get ready to channel your brooding and sensual aide while creating a vampy look.

While a traditional vampire look is focused on whitening the face and adding blood drops and fangs for a touch of gore, a gothic style is much more low-key and mysterious. While fangs are certainly an accessory option, creating the makeup foundation for a gothic vampire is much more important than the small traditional details.

For starters, prior to designing your vampire face, it helps to have your wardrobe selected. Many gothic vampire styles can creatively enhance or complement your color of dress.

For example, a deep burgundy velvet dress looks sexy and gothic when paired with maroon eye makeup, while a silver or ethereal chiffon top may call for sparkly eye shadow and dark cat eyes. Playing up your assets and creating a complete look is the best way to create a sensual yet gothic vampire makeup palette. Once your vampire outfit is selected, it's time to create a dark and mysterious face!


While a pale face is the most traditional form of vampire makeup, Laurent from the Twilight movie, proves that dark-skinned immortals can be just as spine chilling. If you opt for face paling, try to spend as much time as possible on the application of a light foundation followed by several applications of a white face powder. Steer clear of Halloween bargain-bin white face paint, as the consistency is hard to apply and even harder to blend, almost always resulting in a messy and unbelievable finish. Either opt for a liquid foundation up to 3 shades lighter than your natural complexion or splurge on a quality white face paint.


Adding a dark element to your makeup palette is the next step in creating a mysterious look. Whether you opt for a smoky eye or opt for a traditional thick black cat eye, adding charcoal and black accents helps to create the aged and stone-like appearance vampires are infamous for. If you've got killer cheekbones, smudge a bit of dark shadow beneath them to create a sunken and chilling effect.


Lips should always be the focus of a vampire's look. Traditionally, a red lipstick is worn to mimic the look of a blood-thirsty monster. Gothic makeup palettes border on deeper, less traditional colors, so feel free to dapple in maroon, burgundy and blood-red hues. In addition to the most popular red lipstick choice, you can opt for an ethereal and cold choice by wearing a silver or muted blue hue.

If finding the right shade borders on impossible, simply apply lip balm to your lips and stroke on a unique eye shadow instead. You can then use the same shadow to enhance your eyes and even cheeks, creating a uniform and unique look while pinching your pennies!


If you're a blush addict, now's the time to ditch your standby makeup staple. A vampire has very little natural color on their cheeks so be prepared to go without. If you feel the need to brush on color, opt for a very deep shade of burgundy or a silver shade of blue to create a fantasy makeup style.

Get Creative

Vampires can express themselves in nearly any clothing choice and hairstyle, but makeup is mandatory for creating a theatrical look. Once you've honed in on the look you're after, you can start to use your creativity while experimenting with a multitude of looks.

Remember to exaggerate all of your features while creating an almost mythical appearance. Once you've thoroughly blended your makeup application and applied your sultry lipstick, you're ready to stalk the night, in search of your unassuming prey!

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