Good Makeup Colors for Frosty Blondes

Woman with frosted blonde hair.
how to Choose Makeup Colors

Whether you're blessed with natural blonde hair or you get your hair color from a box, knowing good makeup colors for frosty blondes will enhance your sun-kissed beauty.

Frosty Blonde Hair

Unlike deep golden blonde or strawberry blonde, frosty (or frosted) blonde hair features very light color. In some cases, frosted blonde hair may appear almost white or silvery. When done right, it can play up a woman's features extremely well. She can further enhance her looks with the right makeup choices.

Choosing Good Makeup Colors for Frosty Blondes

When selecting cosmetics to flatter your blonde hair, don't forget about your complexion and eye color as well. Many women who look fabulous with frosty blonde hair have cool complexions, with blue undertones. Conversely, women who look great with honey blonde hair have warm complexions, with yellow and gold undertones.

If you know that you look best in cool colors, you'll lean toward the blues and purples of the color spectrum, but any old blue and purple won't do. Make sure you choose the hues that make you appear radiant.


To play up your eyes and keep a complementary look going with your frosted blonde locks, it's best to keep it simple and light for daytime. Line your eyes with taupe or medium brown eyeliner. Follow up with dark brown or black mascara. Evening makeup can be darker, but you don't want too many dark colors or else the effect may be too harsh. You can create dramatic contrast by lining your eyes in black eyeliner and following up with black mascara.When it comes to eye shadows, opt for gray, medium pink, muted purple or light green.


Blush colors that look great on frosted blondes are typically some shade of pink. You can go for light, bubblegum pink for day. For evening and party events, select a deeper pink, in a rosy shade.Unless your skin is very tan or contains golden undertones, skip red blush as this can look too harsh.


So what are good makeup colors for frosty blondes when it comes to lipstick?Daytime lips will look supple and kissable in pink, mauve and peach tones. When it's warm outside, you can try a sheer lipcolor that only slightly stains the lips. Follow with a hint of gloss if you like.

For evening, don't be afraid to reach for red. Just make sure it's compatible with your skin tone. Blue-based reds look best on cool complexions. If you're fair-skinned, don't overwhelm your face with deep lips and dark eyes - if you go with vibrant red lips, your eye makeup should be more subtle.

You can also wear pink lipstick for evening; just choose deeper shades than you wear during the day. Rose and mauve are good selections that won't overwhelm your face or take attention away from your hair.

Experiment with Color

If you're new to frosted blonde hair, your makeup colors may dramatically change, depending on your natural hair color. Finding and experimenting with new colors can be a lot of fun. Visit your department store makeup counter for tips and advice if you no idea where to start. Otherwise, select colors you love and if you find a look that flatters you, stick with it. You can still switch things up from time to time by using similar colors in various ways. The best makeup for you works well with your hair, complexion and lifestyle.

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Good Makeup Colors for Frosty Blondes