Glow in the Dark Makeup

Make a statement with bold neon makeup!

Glow in the dark makeup presents endless possibilities! The perfect tool for the creative spirit, this eye-catching makeup is sure to turn heads - in the dark!

About Glow in the Dark Makeup

Chances are you've spotted glowing makeup a few times in your life. Think of those spooky Halloweens spent walking through the neighborhood, spotting a few beaming, makeup-covered faces floating down the street. The effect is a little bit creepy, sure, but it's also an exciting addition to many costumes that call for a little something extra to make them complete.

The "glow" that makes this makeup so exuberant is created with the use of special phosphorescent pigments. Broken down, these pigments are actually very finely milled crystals of zinc sulfide. The zinc sulfide is activated by the addition of copper, which ensures that the crystals absorb light and then release it slowly (also known as phosphorescence). Of course, the more common term for this is glow in the dark!

Types of Makeup

Glow in the dark makeup products are available for both the face and the body. Even just a touch of anything that glows is enough to transform any costume into something much more memorable! Whether your preference is to go subtle or be bold, you can achieve just about any type of look with one of these enticing cosmetics:

  • Nail polish: When it's exposed to darkness, this brilliant nail polish will seemingly glow for miles! This is a great choice if you don't want your glow in the dark product of choice to be too visible.
  • Lipstick: Talk about a showstopper! Glow in the dark lipstick can add intrigue to a witch costume or put an edgy spin on an otherwise feminine costume.
  • Makeup: Use glow in the dark face makeup to conceive fun, eye-catching designs on the cheeks, around the eyes or on the forehead (or all three!). Day-glow butterflies or twinkling stars are both common ideas.
  • Body makeup: If you plan to show some skin, try a little glowing body makeup to take your costume in a completely different direction. Bold designs on the arms, legs or hands are truly eye-catching.

When to Use

Halloween is the most obvious time to make use of this outlandish, brilliant makeup. It's the one night of the year when you can go all out without a second thought - in other words, anything goes. Why not make the most of the opportunity? Invest in several tubes of body and face paint, bottles of nail polish and tubes of lipstick, then go to town! Some fun ideas include mixing lipstick colors to create your own customized shade and painting each fingernail a different shade. The glowing result is impressive, indeed.

Of course, Halloween isn't the only time of the year when glow in the dark makeup is suitable. Consider wearing it to a club or even a party if your outfit is particularly adventurous. This is your chance to stand out in the crowd and make a statement with your makeup. Even a small amount will put quite an interesting spin on your makeup.

For example, a touch of glow in the dark eyeliner around the upper or lower lash line will look so dramatic in the darkness! Another option is to paint your toenails with one or two shades of glow in the dark polish and slip into your favorite open-toe heels. It's a great way to show off a whole new look!

Halloween Makeup Ideas

If you're planning to really shine on Halloween, consider some of these helpful tips. Make the most of your glowing makeup and you'll have a look no one will soon forget!

  • If you're walking through an extra-dark neighborhood, put that glow in the dark product to good use! Place it on a prominent part of the body so that it is visible to drivers.
  • Some costumes practically demand a helping of glow in the dark face makeup! If you're going as a skeleton, for example, up the eeriness factor by painting your face with a glow in the dark green color. A vampire might benefit from some glowing red lipstick around the mouth.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment! This is all about creativity and fun - and no one is going to judge you on anything but how boldly you present yourself on Halloween.
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