Glow in the Dark Body Paint

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Do you want to give glow in the dark body paint a try but don't much about it? Learn the basics about when and where to wear it, how to apply it and where to buy it.

How Glow in the Dark Body Paint Works

The effect seems magic, but there is a science behind glow in the dark paint. Its proper name is "phosphorescent paint," and can be made from silver-activated zinc sulfide or doped strontium aluminate. These paints can glow for several hours but will fade over extended periods of time.

Available Colors

Phosphorescent paint is made in many colors. It is most common in green, yellow and blue, but is also available in orange, red, pink and purple.

Applying Body Paint

glow in the dark body paint

Glow in the dark paint is applied in the same way you apply any body paint. However, since this paint's effects are visible only in the dark, you may be wondering how you can apply it and still see what you are doing. The solution? Use a black light. Apply the paint with a brush-most kits come with one-or your fingers. The heavier the paint is applied, the more it will glow. Paint can be applied to most areas of the body: the face, arms, legs, back and stomach.

Drying times will varying depending on the brand, but glow in the dark paint typically dries in around ten minutes. Keep in mind that in order to glow, the paint must first be activated with light. High quality glow in the dark paints shouldn't crack or flake with movement. Remove the paint simply by peeling it off, or use soap and water for any traces that remain.

Body Paint Designs

Use your imagination when applying glow in the dark paint to your body. Concentrate it in one area, or use it all over your exposed body parts for a dramatic effect. If you don't consider yourself particularly artistic, try making abstract swirls, stripes and shapes in varying colors.Create fake tattoo sleeves, or if you have real tattoos, try outlining them with the glowing paint. Stars, flowers or butterflies are other common shapes when using glow in the dark paint.

Where to Buy Glow in the Dark Body Paint

Around Halloween, you can find glow in the dark paints at many stores that sell costumes and makeup. For the rest of the year, your best bet is to buy it online:

Safety and Glow in the Dark Paints

Read and follow all safety instructions that come with your body paint, and make sure you are, indeed, using a body paint and not a fabric or other type of glow in the dark paint. Make sure it is non-toxic. Avoid applying the paint near your eyes, mouth or other sensitive areas. As with any skin product, test a small amount in advance to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction. Check the FDA website for a list of helpful tips for safely wearing novelty makeup. Luminescent zinc sulfide, the common ingredient in glow in the dark paint, has been approved by the FDA for "limited use". This paint is for special occasions, not regular wear.

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