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Get a great glow with self tanner!

For a natural and customized summer glow, many people rave about Fusion Beauty's Glow Fusion self tanner.

Glow Fusion Bottled

Imagine the perfect summer tan, enhanced with skin conditioners and bottled just for you. Glow Fusion promises that with each application, your skin tone will gradually warmify to the exact shade it should be, had you been lounging in the Virgin islands or on a tropical beach somewhere far away.

Although a spray tan in a bottle often conjures up undesirable images of orange skin and telltale lines, Glow Fusion's promise to gradually tint the skin sure beats soaking up the summer sun and all the known dangers of ultraviolet rays.

How it Works

Glow Fusion, unlike other gradual tanning products, boasts an ingredient list packed with natural derivatives. Glow Fusion is derived from pure sugar cane and works with your skin's natural keratin layer to create a customized glow. Know that luminosity that can only be had with messy shimmer powders and highlighting creams? Glow Fusion offers up advanced micro-nutrient technology that supplies the skin with antioxidants to enhance your skin's own inner glow.

Better yet? Every skin type can test out Glow Fusion. The formula is odor free, stain and streak free without a greasy or oily formulation, and the drying speed is amazing. Lasting up to two weeks without fading, this insta-glow product has gained media attention and has become a vanity staple for both men and women alike prior to honeymoons, weddings or summertime soirées where just a touch of sun kissed skin is in order.

Glowing and Jarring Reviews

Fusion Beauty's product is available in two customized formulas, light and medium, and comes with a love it or a tried it and hate it following. As with all self tanning products, application is crucial. Many reviewers raved at how quickly the formula dries, while others have found that the product smells like alcohol and leaves a slightly orange cast on the skin that takes a whole five days to dissipate! (Bonus: This glow apparently has staying power!)

Fetching a whopping $58 per bottle, competitors like Jergen's Natural Glow may be worth trying out prior to shelling out the cash. For those that are ready to bask in the sun drenched liquid of Glow's sun free tanning, follow these tips for glow worthy results:

  • Exfoliate: For even application, regardless of the product, exfoliated skin is crucial. Self tanners deepen on dead skin cells, so it is necessary to remove them to achieve desirable results. Exfoliate with a sugar based body scrub immediately before application.
  • Moisturize: Again, moisturized skin will take color more evenly than dry skin. To avoid the blotchiness that is often a result of differentiating skin conditions, moisturize skin thoroughly after exfoliating and prior to application.
  • Spray on: Apply Glow Fusion in a liberal and even manner allover the body. Avoid heavy application on the backs of the hands, elbows, knees and knuckles. Wait ten minutes before dressing.

Get the Glow

Custom tints and glows are all the rage in the cosmetic world, whether that be lip gloss, tanning products or blush.

Products like Smashbox's O Glow Intuitive Cheek Color and Mark's Gloss Blossom Ripening Lip Tint may bring back fond memories of color changing lipstick.

Do these customized products really work? It's true that each product may appear differently on each individual. With a difference in skin tone and natural flush, each and every one of these custom glow products will change with the wearer. Custom? Not entirely. Individual? Most definatly!

One thing is for certain, any product that can promise a dark glow, luminous skin, and that's also power packed with antioxidants such as white tree extract, certainly pales the sun in comparison. Thanks to modern science and advanced skincare technology, morphing into a bronze goddess anytime of the year, beach or no beach, is only a bottle away.

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