Glitter Powder Indonesia

Shimmer makeup is popular all over.

When it comes to glitter powder, Indonesia and other nations around the globe have caught onto the trend.

Sparkle and Sass

Glitter powder has been around for quite some time, reaching its first peak of popularity in the 1970s and 1980s in the form of iridescent blue eyeshadow. It has taken on numerous forms ever since, and is sold today in practically every American drugstore as well as specialty makeup chains like Sephora.

However, while America may have influenced the growth of glitter love through media and entertainment, there are other parts of the world enjoying it as well. For example, if you happen to be in Asia looking for glitter powder, Indonesia and its surrounding nations make it readily available.

Since Asian women tend to have dainty and delicate looking features, many love both the dimension and unconventional look that a little glitter powder adds to the face. Cheeks and eyelids shimmer and catch the attention women dream of receiving when they otherwise feel lost in a crowd.

Indonesian Trends

Krisdayanti, who has been referred to as the queen of Indonesia pop music, has been noted for her gorgeous eye makeup while on stage. The Asian superstar rocketed to fame at the age of 15 on the singing competition show Asia Bagus, and ever since then Indonesia has watched her grow up into a glamourous and glittery performer.

Her makeup artist often emphasizes her eyes, using makeup styles of India and adding glitter powder from Indonesia as a stunning accent piece. Captured on the Internet recently, Krisdayanti was shown in a formal Prada gown, sporting green glitter on her eyelids.

Not everyone can pull off a layer of thick glitter, especially in green, but Indonesian pop stars are looking fabulous in it. As is often the case, women all over the country are mimicking this look, and are searching for the perfect glitter powder for themselves.

Makeup artists who have traveled to Indonesia for inspiration and experience, like Malaysia based artist Parvin Hariah Natchiar, have begun using glitter powder on their clients. In particular, Natchiar uses it on brides, adding a touch of femininity and girlhood fun to an otherwise formal and grown up look. In their soul, every woman has a small childlike thrill for all things sparkly, and Natchiar is only one of many artists throughout Asia that are using glitter powder products to achieve that level of both glamour and glee.

Beyond pop stars and brides to be, glitter powder Indonesia-style can be found on teenage girls all over the country; you can observe this trend all over the United States. Teenagers love many of the same trends, no matter where they live.

Glitter Powder - Indonesia and Beyond


There are a few distributors of glitter powder based out of Indonesia. Melky Cosmetics, a division of Canra Cosmetics, is one such corporation. A family run business based out of Indonesia, they distribute makeup throughout Asia as well as overseas to the U.S. and UK. eBay is another great option for someone looking to purchase makeup imported from Indonesia. For all of you beauty buffs out there who can't stand the skimpy selection at your local drugstore, the Internet is a goldmine, thrilling thousands with its international marketplace capabilities.

Still not satisfied with your options? When it comes to glitter powder, Indonesia based wearers often create their own look with loose glitter and base makeup such as foundation or concealer. If you are willing to experiment with loose glitter (found at your local craft store), you will never experience a shortage of colors or textures.

No matter where you find your glitter powder, experimenting with sparkle and shine as part of your beauty routine will open your eyes up to a cosmetic trend that has truly become globalized.

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Glitter Powder Indonesia