Glitter Face Paint

Glitter can transform your look in an instant!

Adding a dose of sparkle and whimsy to your look - whether for a costume, a party or even everyday - is easy if you have some glitter face paint on hand. It's important to understand the differences between various types of glitters, though. Before you get started using this fun product, read on for some helpful information that could save you a lot of trouble!

Types of Glitter Face Paint

Glitter face paint is available in a variety of formulas. Some are made to wear on specific parts of the face, like the lips and eyelids, while others are safe to wear on both the face and the body. Here is a breakdown of the different types available, and what you might want to use them for:

Glitter Cream

Glitter suspended in a cream base is great for individuals who plan to wear it on large areas of the face and who also happen to have dry skin. It's easy to apply and smears on with the slick of a finger or with a brush. It can be used to enhance major face paint artwork all over the face.

Glitter Dust

Though it is not so much a paint, dust is a loose variation of glitter that is used by combining with face paint. The paint serves as the base and allows the dust to adhere to the face. A damp brush dipped into the dust also works. Make sure you use plenty of adhesive, no matter what it might, especially near areas around the eyes or mouth.

Glitter Gel

Gel-based glitter is usually packaged in a small tube or pot (similar to MAC Pigment pots). Though they can be applied by hand and are quite malleable, it's usually best to use a small, sturdy brush to make the most of the product. It can be used to enhance a face paint design or to add some shimmer to a dramatic eye look. One of the more common brands is Liquid Bling, made from cosmetic grade glitter in an aloe gel base.

Glitter Liquid

Glitter suspended in a water-based liquid base is also quite versatile. It's easy to apply, boasts a long shelf life and is available in a wide range of colors. One of the most popular varieties is Graftobian Glitter Glam, a sparkling liquid that comes with an applicator brush for easy usage.

Where to Purchase

Many reputable manufacturers make glitter face paint. It can be found readily at costume and theatrical stores. Some of the online retailers that offer face-safe glitter include:

  • Easley's Fun Shop: In addition to a wide range of fun costumes and accessories, Easley's also carries a strong selection of face paints and glitters.
  • Silly Farm: At Silly Farm, you'll find just about everything you need to make that costume look like the most realistic thing ever. Check out the Face and Body Paint and Supplies category for a great selection of glitters and adhesives, as well as makeup brushes.
  • NYX Cosmetics: Visit NYX Cosmetic's Makeup category for an intensive selection of face paints and glitters. You'll find various formulas in different shades, all at reasonable prices.

Remember: Safety First!

Before you buy any sort of glitter for your face, be aware that you need to purchase the right kind. Craft store glitter is not safe for use on the face, and will usually say so on the product packaging, as well. Skin-safe face glitters (and paints) are FDA-approved cosmetic grade polyester substances that measure .008 microns in size or smaller. To prevent infections, be sure to use clean cosmetic brushes or sponges. This goes for any type of makeup application - brushes collect bacteria in no time, so cleaning them thoroughly is essential. Baby shampoo is ideal for brushes; just allow them to soak, clean the makeup off thoroughly and let them dry overnight on a paper towel. (If you find the process tedious, consider buying two sets of brushes for your face paint - you can use one while the other is drying.)

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