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Glamour models lead lives of beauty and glitz. It can also be a tough business filled with early morning wakeup calls and extreme physical demands. Read on for more information about the life of a glamor model, and what goes into making one of these ladies beyond gorgeous.

Glamour Models Versus Traditional Modeling

While many young ladies break into commercial print and advertising when starting out with their modeling career, glamor modeling is a much more intense division of the industry. Since this form of art intensely focuses on the beauty of the model, many women feel they have to be flawless and untouchable in order to look perfect on film. Unfortunately, this is often true.

Photographers use a triple threat regimen of lighting, airbrushing, and makeup to help achieve this flawless look and bring out the physical appeal of the model in question. That level of physical attractiveness has also changed in meaning over the years. Beginning with 1920s, glamour photography used to make actresses appear slim and lithe, but today's modern day glamour modeling often includes erotic poses for magazines such as Playboy.

Marilyn Monroe was one of the world's first high profile stars to participate in the new edgy definition of glamor modeling in 1953, and ever since then the industry has enjoyed mixed reviews and varying levels of judgment from the public.

Applying Makeup for Glamour Photography

Since glamour modeling is focused heavily upon the sexuality of the model, it is vital for the makeup to emphasize hyper-feminine features while downplaying those considered to be less attractive. This is why heavily applied cosmetics are commonly found in this industry. Achieving the natural look actually takes a huge amount of effort when it comes to preparing this genre of model.

Some consider the makeup of glamour models to be similar to that of what one would wear for an evening out. While this is true in some instances, as a general rule the amount of cosmetics used in glamour modeling should not be attempted in daily life.

Studio lighting takes away a fair amount of makeup, so a thick foundation and excessive powder is usually applied. It is vital the artist realizes the importance of matching the facial foundation to that on the chin and neckline. Having your skin changing color in the final shots is less than ideal! Some makeup artists even go so far as to apply the base coat on the neck and shoulders to achieve consistency. While this is not usually necessary, caking on the cosmetics is in order to ensure an airbrushed and flawless look that will be appealing to the model's audience.

Glamor models may also have makeup applied specifically under their cheekbones and chin to give the face a soft oval shape. This shade of foundation may be a little darker, again to balance reality and what the camera picks up.

A solid lip color in a shade 1-2 tones darker than what is normally worn is another key component to glamour makeup. Glossy and frosted lip tints should be avoided, since they rarely show up on film and will cause you to look as if you are not wearing any color at all. Using a lip liner is a great time to define the lips of the glamour model and give the appearance of full lips whether or not she actually has them.

Precise blush and shadow may also be applied in a heavy fashion to continue the consistency of accentuated features and add drama and allure to the final shot. Eye shadow is the only cosmetic that may be used in a lighter color than usual, in order to avoid darkened eyes in front of the camera.

Glamor models can expect to have their makeup touched up continuously, especially powder, in order to achieve the flawless look the artist desires.

Breaking Into Glamor Modeling

Glamour models have a high level of self esteem which sustains them in a competitive and often disappointing industry. You can look into working in this industry by getting some professional portraits done. After these are completed, submit them to agencies in your hometown who specialize in glamour modeling. Some models work for free in exchange for a CD of images in order to get a wide variety of looks for their portfolio.

Whichever road you choose, glamor models can make a great salary and make a name for themselves in an industry always looking for the next fresh face.

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