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Whether you are looking for makeup ideas in preparation for a special photo shoot or just want to take up your everyday makeup look a notch for a special occasion, glamour images can provide new ideas. The essence of glamour is a combination of sophistication and sexiness, and you can express this by using makeup in many ways.

Typically a glamorous makeup look includes heavier makeup application than everyday wear. Strong lips, eyes, or both may be featured; vintage makeup looks are also great inspiration for this type of look. You can create a simple glam look with cat-eye liner, natural blush, and bold lipstick.

Flawless Skin

You may not have flawless skin naturally, but employing a few makeup tricks can help you create a beautiful base for your dazzling look. For an impeccable (and photo-ready) look, try the following:

  • Apply a makeup primer before your foundation; this provides a smooth canvas and helps the foundation adhere better.
  • Use an airbrush or high-definition foundation formula.
  • Mist a makeup finishing spray over your finished makeup to set it perfectly.

Captivate with Color

Bold eye shadow color can convey a sophisticated look. Apply a bright, rich eye shadow color from the crease to the corner of the eye near the brow bone. Extending color out farther than it is normally appled really draws attention to the eyes. Use black eyeliner on the top lash line to help define the eyes.

To add even more spice to the look, use two different colors of eyeliner lightly on the lower lashline. Apply a short stroke of one color, then follow with the other and alternate to finish the line. To keep the look sleek, finish with a nude blush and pale pink lipstick.

Dark, Sultry Eye Makeup

Dark eye makeup is another very glamorous look, often seen on celebrities and models. Use black or grey eye shadow shades applied with a smoky technique for a look that is dramatic but also soft and sultry. Apply pale pink or peach blush and nude lipstick to complete the look.

Glowing and Glamorous

Achieve a glowing look by adding a highlighting powder or liquid makeup along the cheekbones, forehead, center of the chin and the inner corner of the eyes. Apply your foundation and blush before the highlighter. Since your glowy skin is the star of this makeup style, don't go too heavy on your lips or eyes. Medium eye shadow shades with a slight shimmer and a light-to-medium lip color or gloss will complement this look.

False Lashes

False eyelashes instantly take any makeup leven to another level, and they work especially well with darker or dramatic eye makeup looks. Use a full lash strip for high drama, or apply individual lashes (focusing on the outer corners) to create a more wide-eyed look. Apply a medium-to-thick line of eyeliner along the top lashes, and lightly apply mascara to blend the natural and false lashes.

Elegant Glossy Lips

If your lips are one of your best features, play them up in an elegant and glamorous way. Line your lips with a nude or pink liner, then fill in with lipstick in a complementary shade. Apply a clear or light pink shimmery lip gloss to the center of the bottom lip and gently blend. You'll achieve gorgeous, soft color and fuller-looking lips.

Shimmering Eyes and Lips

A touch of shimmer in your eye shadow and lip gloss can add an extra element of drama. Apply with a light hand; too much glitter will look tacky instead of glamorous. Pair with neutral eyeliner and a mid-tone cheek color.

Modernized Retro Makeup

Take inspiration from the strong lips and eyes of the 50s retro makeup style and add some modern twists. Add brightly colored eye shadow to eyes defined by black liner and swap the bold red lipstick for a rich plum shade instead. Use a mid-tone blush to keep the makeup balanced, but don't go overboard on cheek color since the eyes and lips are so intense.

Subtle Glamour

Although many special occasion or photo-ready makeup looks focus on dark, heavy makeup, you can look just as gorgeous with a more subtle makeup approach. After foundation, sweep soft grey or brown eye shadow all over the lid, and extend slightly up at the outer corners. Apply a light line of kohl eyeliner to both the top and bottom lashes and top with black mascara. Finish with bronzer or blush just a shade darker than your skin tone, and clear lip gloss.

Whether you are going for a high-fashion, glamorous look, or a more subtle appraoch, you can use makeup to enhance your beauty in many ways for special occasions or photos when you want to add an extra element of sophistication.

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