Types of Full Coverage Powder Makeup

Is full coverage powder makeup for you?

Full coverage powder makeup can help to conceal imperfections and give you a winning complexion.

Full Coverage Powder Makeup: Feign Flawlessness!

We all have those big nights where we want our skin to look smooth and airbrushed. However many of us cannot afford regular microdermabrasion or the magic works of a personal makeup artist. An easy solution for those desiring a flawless look, without a lot of expense or effort, is found in full coverage powder makeup.

Powder makeup can be either a pressed or loose powder designed to be worn over foundation, or a combination of foundation and powder in one convenient compact. Either form's goal is to provide you full coverage and a smooth finish that is both long lasting and easy to live with.

Pressed Powder

Quite arguably one of the most popular forms of cosmetics for those seeking full coverage, pressed powder reigns supreme thanks to its convenient, travel friendly container that often includes a powder puff and mirror.

Perfect for quick touch ups during nights out on the town, pressed powder has had a long standing relationship in the makeup industry, and comes in a wide variety of types. These include oil-control, pore-minimizing, long-lasting, and those containing a decent amount of SPF for those times spent outdoors. Pressed powder is much cleaner and more convenient than its messy liquid foundation cousin, and it also tends to work much better on oil-prone skin. It works as both a blotter and as a matte base for other cosmetics such as rouge and eye shadow.

If you are allergic to talcum, be sure to read all ingredients on the packaging before buying pressed powder. Many brands of makeup include talc in their formula in order to help with shine control.

Loose Powder

Also able to provide full coverage, loose powder is usually a homebody on the bathroom counter, as it can be messy and inconvenient when traveling. Most love the soft and finished look loose powder provides, and many women wouldn't dare touch compact pressed powder after they have experienced the smooth, matte look of loose powder.

The newest trend in loose powder is found in mineral makeup. Originally known for its lack of irritating skin ingredients, mineral makeup, also known as bare cosmetics, is made up of natural components perfect for those looking for full coverage to hide sensitive skin issues such as acne or rosacea.

Liquisoild Makeup

2-in-1 liquid/powder makeup, also known as liquisolid makeup, is great for those who want the ultimate in full coverage but still want the convenience of being able to throw a beauty product in a purse and get the day started.

Cover Girl is one such company that has released an abundance of advertising in recent years to showcase, what they believe, is the perfect formulation of liquisolid makeup. MAC's Powder Plus foundation is also ideal for those with stubborn skin that needs a little extra help. Both brands promise longevity and a velvety texture others will surely envy.

This cosmetic is made by combining liquid foundation with an extremely refined talc, creating a moist solid able to cover deep flaws. Powder and foundation combos are also known for giving a more natural look than what you achieve by using the two separately, due to both its lighter finish and more refined properties.

Where to Buy

If you are looking for full coverage powder makeup, there are a variety of places in which you can find the product perfect for you. Many cosmetic counters at your favorite department store offer free makeovers and color analysis to help you find an ideal shade. Try the Clinique counter for helpful staff, great advice, and some free samples of the season to take home and play with.

Drug stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets also carry such cosmetics, and you will often find the best prices here as well. While the selection is not usually impressive, it is the perfect way to perk up your beauty routine when you are in a rush.

Lastly, there are countless websites with online shopping carts. Shipping is often minimal and you can dabble in otherwise unheard of options such as overseas formulations, 100% organic products, and shades not necessarily considered mainstream. From Revlon to Bare Escentuals, your computer can act as the ultimate makeup mall.

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