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Have you ever wanted free samples of Mary Kay? From the lipstick, to makeup foundation and skin care products, you can find Mary Kay products to sample before you buy them. Mary Kay products are sold directly, usually by individuals.

Mary Kay is a large direct-seller of makeup in the United States. You can find someone selling Mary Kay products just about everywhere you look in the United States. Just ask your friends if they know someone who is selling Mary Kay, and if they themselves are not selling it, they probably know someone who sells the products. People who are selling Mary Kay usually have free samples for potential customers to try.

How to Get Free Samples of Mary Kay

The easiest way to get samples of Mary Kay cosmetics is to get invited to a Mary Kay party. Find someone who is selling the product. If your friends can't help you find someone, you can definitely find a seller in your area online. Once you find a seller, express an interest in Mary Kay cosmetics, and ask if the seller will be hosting a party soon or knows of any upcoming parties.

Sellers of Mary Kay love to have parties with people interested in the product. Alternatively, Mary Kay parties are sometimes held during girls' getaway parties or sleepovers with friends. It may be a good idea to collect a few friends who are also interested in samples of Mary Kay cosmetics and introduce them all to the seller.

Mary Kay Parties

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During the party, the Mary Kay representative may host a makeover session in which the party participants will have the opportunity to try the cosmetics for free and keep the samples. All you have to do is follow the directions on how to apply the skin care products and the cosmetics and have fun. After applying the makeup, the representative will take orders. You can keep the samples and ask the representative if there are other samples of products which interest you.

Free Online Samples

If you would prefer to skip the party, you can still get free samples of Mary Kay. Find someone online who is selling the product and order a product, and ask if you will get a free sample with your order. It is more likely that you will get a free sample if you order something rather than inquiring outright for the free sample.

Use a Service Like Freecycle

Freecyle is a service that allows people to recycle goods that they do not use or do not want. Users can ask for products or items that they need or want in addition to advertising products or items that they will like to give away.

Join Freecycle online for your geographical area and send a message requesting free samples of Mary Kay. Ask for unused samples. Note that many Freecycle groups have certain rules, so you may not be able to ask for your samples until you give something away. Read the Freecycle rules for your local Freecycle to find out.

Selling May Kay to Get Free Samples

You may also be interested in selling Mary Kay cosmetics. You will have to buy a kit to sell Mary Kay, but representatives can earn free samples of the products if they meet certain standards.

If you are selling Mary Kay, it is important to try as many products as possible so that they can be knowledgeable enough to sell it. Selling Mary Kay is a commitment, so you shouldn't try to sell it unless you really love the products and want to go into the business.

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Free Samples of Mary Kay