Fragrance Designer Anne Gottlieb

Anne Gottlieb is the nose behind Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession for women.

Fragrance designer Anne Gottlieb is known is well-known for being the creative direction behind popular high-end perfumes, one of the most notable being Obsession for Calvin Klein.

About Fragrance Designer Anne Gottlieb

Nose extraordinaire and international diva of fragrances Anne Gottlieb has designed a variety of incredible fragrances and been credited with spurring over one billion US dollars for the perfume industry. Her career began with work at Revlon, and she was mentored by the iconic Estee Lauder herself. With over twenty five years in the perfuming industry, Anne Gottlieb is a nose that knows scent!

In addition to being highly knowledgeable and discerning when it comes to scents, Gottlieb also has excellent creative marketing skills that result in successful perfume concepts that appeal to consumers in both fragrance and design. She extends her talents not only to notable perfumes, but also other scented beauty care items for men and women, including Unilever's Axe premium line.

Gottlieb has appeared at many beauty-related events and received numerous awards for her fragrances, and including a prestigious Fifi Award (deemed the Oscar Awards of the fragrance world) by The Fragrance Foundation for the perfume "Euphoria." She has also been honored during New York's Fragrance week with a "Circle of Champions" award.

The New-York based perfume diva staunchly refutes that Paris is the only place for truly great perfume, citing instead the number of perfumes created in America that are truly exciting and original - such as those of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein perfumes.

Anne Gottlieb and Sensational Scent

The complex art of perfume is one that each perfumer has an individual approach to. For Gottlieb, creating a fragrance is not only about the scent itself, but also the trajectory that the packaging and emotionality of the perfume project. She recognizes that each brand also has a strong image to protect, and while the desire might be to convey something fresh and new, the brand appeal is also very influential to the consumer.

In a "A Sweet Seduction," an interview for, Gottlieb explains: "I direct perfumers sort of like an orchestra director to work with 3,000 palettes of 200 ingredients" to make a scent." Incorporating all the various elements, from visual appeal, to the interplay between the perfume, brand message, and consumer, to the core perfume itself, fragrance designer Anne Gottlieb approaches like a puzzle, matching the pieces until the result fits perfectly for a sensational scent.

As culture grows increasingly visual, Gottlieb also places a large emphasis on the visual and sensual appeal of a fragrance, and the accompanying marketing campaigns of her designs are indeed sexy and sometimes daring. Gottlieb also carefully considers the appeal of the perfume in terms of how people react to it. A scent that draws people, and induces a feeling of wanting to be near the wearer hits the mark for the designer.

Gottlieb additionally has a talent for incorporating a celebrity's persona into a fragrance concept, such as Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet, which - like the star herself, exudes both sophistication as well as a sense of lightness and fun.

Fragrances by Anne Gottlieb

Anne Gottlieb has coordinated the success of many fragrance designs, including the following popular fragrances:

  • Calvin Klein Obsession: This landmark fragrance for men combines sophistication and sexiness for a scent that has been beloved for decades and is now considered a classic.
  • CK Be: The Follow-up to the iconic unisex, CK one, Be is a clean, lightly woodsy blend.
  • Secret Obsession for Women: This Calvin Klein fragrance for women is a warm oriental and floral blend, which debuted in 2008, is designed to be alluring and mysterious.
  • Colors de Benetton Men: Originally released on 1987, this fragrance combines green herbals with warm oriental woodsy notes for a rich masculine scent.
  • 212: The Caroline Herrera 212 for Men (1999) is a crisp scent with sleek glass and metal packaging. The follow-up 212 Silver Edition (2002) is a slightly spicier version of the scent.
  • Covet from Sarah Jessica Parker: Sexy, fun, and fabulously scented, this 2007 perfume uniquely combines scents like lemon, lavender, and chocolate.

Fragrance designer Anne Gottlieb has consulted for more than two dozen perfumes. For a full list, see her directory page on Base

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Fragrance Designer Anne Gottlieb