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Let Eve Pearl, Celebrity Makeup Artist offer up her advice on the best foundation shades for darker skins.

Skin Care and Foundation Recommendations

Reader Question

Hi Dana,

Is there a product out there or a tip on achieving a soft, smooth even looking female face....perhaps latex? By the way, I am a part-time crossdresser.

~~Thank-you in advance, Wanita

Expert Reply

Dear Wanita,

First--I would not suggest using latex or any other material to cover your skin, as it will most likely look mask-like and artificial. You should concentrate on working with your own skin. That being said, your first step would be to eliminate all facial hair. If you haven't tried waxing, this would be a good idea for brows, lip, chin (and of course, a close shave is a must). You may even want to start getting monthly facials which will not only clean out impurities, but will help to soften and smooth the skin.

Find a good moisturizer - one that takes out redness. Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Moisturizer can be very good for freshly shaved skin. Your next step is to use a medium to heavy foundation for complete coverage. The key to getting really full coverage is to use a brush. A brush with synthetic bristles will not absorb or "rub away" any of your foundation and will give you beautiful coverage. Several foundations to try are ones by Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Lancome.


Recommendations for Replacing Cream Foundations

Reader Question

Dear Dana, I have been using cream foundations for many years. Nothing else looks or feels right. Why has everyone discontinued them? Revlon used to make Ultima II for Ulta. I loved it, but can't find cream foundations anywhere now, except for Maybelline's cream mousse, which irritates my eyes. Any suggestions?


Expert Reply


Don't we hate it when cosmetic companies discontinue certain products! Ugghhh! You may want to try some of the department store brands. Clinique has wonderful foundations: Super Balanced Makeup, Stay-True Makeup Oil Free and Perfectly Real makeup are all winners. Lancome also has a great line. Check out Absolue Makeup and Color Idea. If you're looking for a great powder, try their Dual Finish Fragrance Free. If you want to stick with a less expensive brand, Revlon has many alternatives such as the Colorstay line and Age Defying. Almay may also be an alternative because the line is good for people with sensitive skin and eyes. Their Nearly Naked and Smart Shade Makeup foundations are very nice.


Foundation Shade Recommendation for Women of Color

Reader Question


I am searching for shades of foundations for black skin. Thanks - Tinamm

Expert Reply

Dear Tinamm,

When searching for foundations for women of color, you should stay with shades that have a honey tone. Stay away from yellows; they have a tendency to turn grey and ashy. Orangey, honey tones will give a warm and natural tone to your skin.

The other thing to keep in mind is the shade of your face in comparison to the rest of your body. Sometimes, our face is darker than our neck or the rest of the body. When matching the foundation exactly to the skin tone, after a half an hour or so, the makeup will oxidize and turn a bit darker, making the face even darker that when you started...never looks good to have your face and body 2 different shades. Try to begin with a honey tone that's a bit lighter than your own skin color, when the makeup will oxidize and turn darker, in 15-30 minutes, your face and body will be exactly the same.

Also, since our face has different shades and is not one flat surface. I recommend using a lighter color around the T-zone (your nose, eyes, and brow line), a medium color all around your face and a darker color if you want to contour your cheekbones, jaw line, top of forehead or even around the nose.

Good luck~~ Eve

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