Bright Fluorescent Eye Makeup Examples

Fluorescent Eye Makeup Looks

While it's not appropriate for everyday of office wear, fluorescent eye makeup certainly has its place in the world of creative makeup.

Bold neon colors make a fun statement, and can be the perfect eye makeup for parties, evenings out, and other special events when you want to add an exciting pop of color to your eyes. Get ideas for your own bright eye makeup look with these images.

Neon Rainbow Eye Makeup

A rainbow eye makeup look stands out even more when done in fluorescent colors. You can combine medium shades with neon, like the bright turquoise, neon green, and magenta in this unique eye makeup look.

Hot Pink Shadow and Green Liner

Hot pink is a bold, 80s-inspired hue that really draws attention to the eyes. Try a hot pink eye shadow with an eyeliner in a contrasting shade, such as bright green, for a bold, unusual look.

Bright Liner

Think fluorescent eyes can't be elegant? If the makeup is kept simple, they can be.

An electric green or blue liner paired with a neutral eye shadow can look modern yet sophisticated.

Magenta Magic

Magenta is a rich fluorescent shade that can really enhance many eye colors. The hue can be fun and flirty, yet still be sophisticated, when kept to the outer corners of the eyes and paired with a dark liner.

Fantasy Fluorescent Eyes

You don't have to be a makeup artist to create a simple fantasy look look with fluorescent makeup. Combining different neon hues and extending your eye shadow or liner past your eyes lends a romantic, fairy-like appeal to the eyes.

Complementary Fluorescent Shadow

Complementary bright eye shadow colors, like hot pink and fluorescent purple, are accented beautifully by metallic shimmer highlight shades.

Combine with Other Hues

Fluorescent shadow can look great on its own or combined with other fluorescent shades. However, you can also combine fluorescent eye shadow colors with entirely different hues to make them really pop. This fluorescent blue color is used to accent black and silver shadows to really draw attention to the eye.

Blended Bright Color

Blended brights are still eye-catching, but the soft lines look less harsh that stripes or panels of color. Pair with false lashes for a look that is avant-garde but keeps the focus on your eyes.

Bright Eye Shadow with Smoky Eye

For a more dramatic evening look, you can pair brightly colored shadows with a dark, smoky eye. The model's eyes in this photo really stand out with the yellow and green shadows blended into the black smoky eye makeup.

Colored shadows can help temper the dark blacks and greys typically used in a smoky eye look and let you create a fresh approach to this sexy evening eye makeup style.

A Touch of Bright Shadow

Falling in love with some of the rich pigment or iridescent shadows or liners on the market? Make them work for more than just a special occasion by adding just a touch of bright or iridescent eye makeup to your regular makeup look.

For example, use a bright color just as the crease or highlight shade, or line only a small part of the eye with the attention-getting color and keep the rest of the eyes more neutral.

Choosing Bright Eye Colors

When choosing bright eye makeup, it's still important to choose colors that are flattering for your skin tone, hair, and eye color. The bright copper color shown on the model's eyes in this photo, for example, harmonize perfectly with her warm coloring and still let her eyes take center stage.

Choose makeup colors that flatter, even when going for a bright, bold eye makeup look. The result will be attention-getting, but gorgeous.

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Bright Fluorescent Eye Makeup Examples