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Get glamorous with FLIRT!

If you've been searching for Flirting Cosmetics, look no further. Kohl's signature cosmetic brand, FLIRT!, is full of feminine, exciting products designed to suit women of all ages and skin tones.

The Look of a FLIRT!

What does a flirt look like? Maybe she's coy and demure, or maybe she's bold and vampy. She might bat her thick lashes, pout her luscious lips and show off the girlish flush of her cheeks. Whatever look the quintessential flirt favors, it's almost a given that a brand called FLIRT! would offer the products to make a gal convincingly look the part.

FLIRT!, available exclusively at Kohl's department stores, is a full line of color cosmetics, fragrances and accessories. There's no dearth of femininity here; the brand is outwardly girly down to its colorful packaging and shimmery products. Don't let the abundance of glimmer scare you away, though. There's something for everyone, even those less inclined to shine like disco balls.

Flirting Cosmetics for Every Woman

While it's true that FLIRT!'s marketing campaigns are almost always targeted toward the younger set, it's also true that the line offers something for women of all ages. The color collection includes foundation, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, bronzer, lipstick, lipliner and lip gloss in a wide variety of shades. Seasonal collections are released frequently, each featuring a selection of limited edition colors and products.

FLIRT! often steals the spotlight with its brilliant collaborations with well-known celebrities. The company has teamed with many individuals to create limited edition collections, including Serena Williams, Michelle Branch and current partner Vanessa Minnillo.

Highlights of the Collection

One glance at the gleaming display is enough to entice any cosmetic addict. Softly whipped eye shadows, sheer blushes and ultra-glossy lipsticks are just the first few items that reel you right in and a closer look reveals there's plenty to be found in this collection of sweet, flirting cosmetics. Here are just some of the highlights.


Mousse makeup products became popular several years ago. Their consistency is soft and whipped, making application a breeze. FLIRT!'s I'm Whipped Eye Shadow Mousse is a creamy, dreamy substance that glides on smoothly and lasts the day. Add some drama with Line Your Eyes Liquid Eyeliner. It's available in eight colors, ranging from playful baby blue and frothy pink to saucy grape and midnight black.

No sexy eye is complete without some mascara. Add length and volume to your lashes with Big Flirt Thickening Mascara. In six colors, including an unusual teal and fuchsia, it's the perfect tool for finishing your playful or bold eye with style.


Blush pretty and accentuate those cheekbones with one of four cheek colors. If you're crazy about the mousse formula, you'll love I'm Whipped Cheek Mousse. Its consistency makes it simple to blend in. Traditional powder blush users can glide their brushes over Peek-A-Blush, a sheer powder available in a number of natural colors.Versatility is Big Deal's strong suit! This gel-based tint is ideal for use on the cheeks and lips. Just glide it on and blend in with a finger. On cheeks, it provides an enviable, just-ran-a-few-miles glow. For something really different, consider Rollerblush. Similar to oil-blotting sheets, these little slips of paper contain just the right amount of blush to add sheer color to your cheeks.


FLIRT!'s collection makes it easy to achieve a glamorous pout. Try Flirtini Lip Shine if you're looking for something quick, easy and playful to complete your look. Its minimal color and intense shine is just right for a low-key face. If you're interested in going the whole nine yards, start with Draw Attention Lip Pencil, taking care to line and fill in your lips completely. Follow it up with High Wattage, a creamy, moisturizing lipstick that lasts the day. If you love gloss, you need look no further to get your fix. Plushious is a velvety lip color that applies like a gloss but provides the coverage of a lipstick. Serious shine addicts will flock to Squeeze Me; its intensity rivals MAC's Lipglass, and there are plenty of colors to indulge in.

Other Products

The line also contains products for the face (including tinted moisturizer, foundation and concealer) and Flirtatious! fragrance, a succulent blend of wild berry, honeysuckle and vanilla. Take advantage of the accessories collection if you're in the market for new brushes, cosmetic bags and makeup removers.

Where to Purchase

FLIRT! cosmetics are available exclusively at Kohl's stores nationwide and online at


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